When Does Five Below Restock In 2022? (Read Before Shopping) 

Five Below is an American discount store that sells sports, games, fashion accessories, bath and body, room décor and storage, and smartphone accessories. The products cost up to $5. 

The company has over 1000 stores located across the United States. Most of the items are most popular, So the shelves of many items become empty.

So If you see some items are out of stock that you are looking for, you may be wondering – when does Five Below restock? keep on reading!

In this blog, We explained the details. 

When Does Five Below Restock In 2022?

Typically, Five Bewlo restocks its shelves 3 to 5 times a week as of 2022. The restocking time may vary depending on the store’s sales. As there is no universal schedule to restock, some stores restock daily. However, Some items restock daily, some items restock 1-2 times in weeks. When times will back to the store, you will get a notification. Five Below share it on social media, when items are back in-store or new items are back. 

As the time is variable, Sing up with your mail and turn on notification so that you can get a notification When items are back in stock. Or you can contact your nearest Five Below store manager.

If you want to learn more about this topic such as what time is the best time to shop in-store, when does  Five Below restock online, shipping time, and more? keep on reading! 

When Does Five Below Restock In-Store?

Five Below receive new shipment 2-5 times a week and restock its store. Usually, the track arrives afternoon or in the evening. it restocks all the items overnight.

Five Below restock items based on demand. They follow three restocking methods. 

  • Demand restocking method
  • Profit-based restocking method
  • Top-off restocking method

When the demand for a product increases, they arrange the product accordingly. In the case of stores, they always try to balance the products. 

However, When they inventory the store and see some items are out of stock and some items are more demandable, they restock all the items as well as needed.  

As Five Below restock all the time overnight, the best time to shop in-store is in the morning. 

Note: Before going out of the home, you have to know- when your nearest Five Below store opens.

To know this time, you can use Google Map. just go to the Google Map and search ” Five Below store near me”. You can see all the nearest store opening and closing times. 

When Does Five Below Restock Online?

After arriving at the track, restock all the items in the store. Then they update online as soon as possible. 

If you sign up with your Gmail, you will get a notification when the items will restock online. 

When you will see some items are out of stock that you are looking for, you can order them. 

When the items will be back in the store, you will get a notification. Then you can purchase your selected items. 

What Days Does Five Below Restock? 

As Five Below does not have a specific restocking schedule, we can not tell you the exact day of restocking. But most of the items are restocked Saturday and Sunday.  

If you want to shop at a store, you can connect with the Five Below employees to know- what days does Five Below restock in store. 

They will give a specific date of restocking, As they have an idea about store restocking time. 

If you want to shop online, you will get a notification when it restocks online. You can also check the Five Below website Saturday and Sunday.

How Long Does Five Below Take To Ship? 

Typically, Five Below take 7-10 business days to ship your order to your home. It has a fast shipping service, you can take this service. 

Usually, Five Below uses FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Pitney Bowes shipping services. This shipping service delivers your order within 7 days. 

When a customer places an order at Five Below, it takes 2-3 days to prepare the order. Then it ships as soon as possible. 

Five Below provide order raking number so that consumers can track their order. 

So you can track your order when your order will arrive at your home.  For this, you can use the Five Below website or a third-party website to track your order. 

When Does Five Below Restock Squishmallows, Slime Lickers

Squishmallows and Slime lickers are high-demandable items in Five Below. The items are restocked 4-5 times a week. 

Does 5 Below Have Fast Shipping?

Yes! Five Below she fast shipping that is Express Shipping and Nex-Day Shipping Service. 

If you use the Nex-Day Shiping, You will get your package within 2 business days from Five Below. In this case, you have to pay an extra cost for shipping. 

If you use Express Shipping Service, It would take 4 business days to ship your time. 


Typically,  Five Below resto in-store and online 3-5 times a week. The restocking time depends on the demand for products. Some products are restocked one time a week. Some products are restocked 5 times a week. Saturday and Sunday may restock most of the items. So when you want to shop at Five Below, you should go out on this day. 

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