When Does Lulus Restock In 2022 ( You Need To Know)

Lulus is a woman fashion online marketplace. The marketplace operated in 3 countries. When a customer places an order on Lulus, It delivers from the nearest area. 

When a customer chooses the items but this item is not available in stock, he wants to know- when does Lulus restock?  

So if you have some questions, keep on reading. Here we explain everything about Lulus restock. So that you can purchase your choosable items at right time. 

When Does Lulus Restock In 2022? 

Usually, Lulus restocks items 1-2 days a week as of 2022. Although, It doesn’t have a specific schedule to restock. Lulus receive a new shipment in a week and restock overnight. So If you see an item out of stock that you are looking for, items will be restocked within a week. 

If you want to learn more about Lulues online restoring time,  how to get a notification from Lulus, and more, keep on reading! 

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When Does Lulus Restock Online? 

Lulus receive a new shipment every week. When Lulus receive a new shipment, it restocks its warehouse. After Restocking, Lulus restock online (Lulus.com) within 12-24 hours. 

When Lulus restock online, you will get a notification. In this case, you have to sign up and turn on the notification system. 

If you need any help with this problem, you can contact the Lulus customers service team. 

How Long Does Lulus Take To Restock? 

Typically, Lulus take 2 to 7 business day to restock an item. The restoring time may vary based on your order. 

As Lulus doesn’t have a specific restocking schedule, your items are back in stock within 7 days. 

Sometimes it may more time for several reasons like bad weather, Manufacturing problem, or the demand for items. 

How Long Does It Take Individual Sizes To Restock On Lulus?

Lulus may take 10 days to restock individual sizes. Most of the time, it takes less than 10 days. 

When you will see an item size that is not available in stock, you can request to restock this size. It will give you an estimated date. 

You can also contact the lulus by phone, email and text messaging. 

  • Phone: 1 (866) 918-5858 
  • Text: 1 (530) 203-6882
  • Email: love@lulus.com

You can mail any time. If you want to call, you have to call between Monday and Friday from 5 am to 7 pm. 

Saturday and Sunday operating times from 7 am to 4 pm PST. 

When Does Lulus Restock Wedding Dresses? 

Lulus is popular for its stunning dresses and affordable wedding dresses. It has a lot of collections of wedding dresses. 

Wedding dresses do restock within 10  days. You can purchase these dresses for your special day. 

How do I get restock notifications on Lulus?

Yes! you can get restock notifications on Lulus by signing up at Lulu’s. At first, You have to sign up at Lulu’s and select a payment plan. After signing up, submit a link to the product that you want. 

After submitting your product link, you have to wait for notification. When your items are back in the store, you will be notified. 

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Conclusion: Lululs Restock 

Lulus receives a new shipment every week. Lulus restock one or two times a week. The restocking time may vary based on the demand of products and season. The summer and winter season has a lot of demand for the dress. During this season restock more time than other seasons. 

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