When Does Shein Restock Online (Update 2023)

Shein is a  Chinese E-commerce platform. It is a fast-fashion retailer in the Chinese. Currently, the corporation is most popular for its affordably priced apparel. Million of customers purchase apparel from this platform. 

So if you want to purchase items from Shein, You may be wondring – When does Shein restock? Here we explain the restocking date and time. 

When Does Shein Restock In 2023? 

Typically, Shein restocks 1-2 weeks a month. Shein restocks apparel accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, bags, and beauty products. Shein receives a new shipment in the first week of the month and restocks all the items. Sometimes the company restocks for 2 weeks but it depends on the demand of the product.

So if you see items out of stock on Shein that you are looking for, don’t worry, items will be back in stock soon. You can get a notification by sign-up at Shein when items are back in stock. 

If you want to learn more information about- when does Shein restock online, what does sold out mean on Shein, how to order sold-out items and more? Keep on reading! 

Here we discovered most information questions that Shein customers wanted to know.

When Does Shein Restock Online?

Shein does not set a schedule for restocking online. After receiving the new shipment, Shein restocks online as soon as possible. 

Shein receives new shipments the first week of a month and lists the items on shein.com. 

If you need any kind of product, you may be wondring – Does Shein restock all items?

Yes, Shein may restock all items that are most demand-able. Usually, Shein restocks apparel accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, bags, and beauty products.

Does Shein Restock Every Day? 

Unfortunately, Shein does not restock every day. Hottest items like dresses and bottoms are restocked for one or two weeks. 

 If Shein gets a huge number of orders, It has to restock more time. 

Additionally, Shien tries to stock on time. If you see the items are out of stock that you are looking for at Shein, don’t worry, It will be back in stock soon. 

During the Winter and Summer season, Shein restocks one or two times a week. Because in this season the company gets a huge number of orders.

How Long Does Shein Take To Restock An Item?

Shein takes one week to restock an item. When an item goes out of stock, the Shein team tries to restock this item within 3 to 7 days. 

Sometimes the restoring time may vary for a different reason. But most of the time you will see products back in stock within 3-7 days.

When Does Shein Restock Shoes? 

Shein restocks shoes in the middle week of the month. Sometimes it may be the first week.  Shein does not set restocking time for shoes. 

So if you want to buy sold-out shoes, you have to wait for one or two weeks. Sometimes sold-out shoes may restoking within 3-4 days. 

If you have the nearest Shein store you can contact them. Otherwise, you can nock the support team. You also may be interested to know about Fashion Nova restock, keep on reading here. 


Shein restores almost all items like apparel accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, bags, and beauty products. Most of these clothes are more restock. Because Shein has a lot of clothing demand

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