When Does Aerie Restock Online In 2023 (You Need To Know)

American Eagle lingerie (Aerie) is a men’s and women’s fashion retail corporation in the united stated. Now it sells ist items worldwide. Some demandable items shelves are empty for a massive number of sales. 

So you should know- when does Aerie restock their store and online?  So that you can find your necessary items from Aerie. In this post, we shared in detail everything for a customer’s better shopping experience. 

When Does Aerie Restock In 2023? 

Aerie restocks most items 1-2 times a week. Aerie announced on Twitter that they restok every few weeks all the items like shoes, appeal, jeans, and other accessories. When they notice that some items are out-of-stock, they will receive a new shipment to restok those items.  The aerie-loaded track arrives afternoon and restocks its shelf overnight. 

However, the restock depend on the season and demand for items. For example, In the summer and winter season Aerie restock more time than in other seasons. 

So when you see items that are out of stock that you are looking for, you have to wait 2-4 days to get your items. 

sometimes you can see items are available but color or size are not available in store. In this case, you can inform the store manager. The store manager will give you an estimated date of color and size of restocking. 

When Does Aerie Restock Online? 

After restok store, Aerie restocks online. When they restok online, you will get a notification. It also notifies its customers, when new items are launched on its store and website. 

Suppose, you are looking at some products on the Aerie website but those are out of stock, you can get a notification by sign-up. 

 You can set notification alerts for specific items. When your choosable items are back in the store, you will receive a notification from the Aerie website.

As Aerie restocks items one or two times a week, so you no need to wait a long time to get your time. 

After two or three days, check the Aerie website whether your product has back in store. 

When Does American Eagle Restock Leggings?

 Typically, Leggings are available all-time in the store and online. Sometimes you may face the problem of color or size. The Aerie restocks leggings color and seizes in a week. 

Aerie restocks new design leggings one or two times a month. Typically, they launched new leggings in the summer and winter seasons. 

However, when you are looking for specific color leggings in-store or online but the color is unable in-store, you can content the store managers or support team. 

They will help you to provide information (when does leggings color and size back in-store) 

Some trading Leggins design stock out quickly. In this case, you have to wait one or two days to get your specific leggings design. 

When Does Aerie Restock Bathing Suits? 

 Batting suits are restocked two or three times a month. Every bi-week they restock new bathing suits. You can find new designs and colored bathing suits every bi-week. 

Although, Here have a lot of bating suits designed for all ages. Aerie also restocks Swimsuits, underwear, and skirts one or two times a week. 

You can check the Aerie website in the morning to get new items or your choosable items. 

How Long Does Aerie Take To Ship Your  Order?

Aerie takes two to three business days to ship your order. Aerie has Standard and expresses shipping services. You can also choose fast shipping like Next-Day Shipping. 

If you choose the Next-Day Shipping, your order will arrive within 2 days from aerie. 

Almost one day takes to prepare your order. After preparing the package, Aerie ship your package as soon as possible. 

However, when your order will be shipped, you will get a massage from Aerie. You will receive a tracking number so that you can track your package. 


Aerie does not have a specific schedule for restocking. But Aerie restocks weekly. Some items restock one time a week and some items are restocked two times a week. It depends on base on area and demand for the items. If you sign up on the Aerie website, you will get a notification when items will be back in stock. 

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