When Does Microcenter Restock 2022? (Full Guide)

MicroCenter is an American electronics retail store that sells Computers, Consumer Electronics & Accessories. Microcenter has become popular in the U.S. as the go-to store for products such as computers and accessories, with these items disappearing from shelves pretty quickly.

So If you want to purchase an in-demand item from Microcenter, you may want to know – when does Microcenter restock? Here we explain everything about the restocking items at Microcenter! 

When Does Microcenter Restock In 2022?

Microcenter generally restocks most of its products such as computers, and accessories three or four times a week. Microcenter announces drop dates on its website in advance for low-supply and fast-selling products. Restock time may vary depending on the Microcenter store location. 

If you want to know more about when Microcenter restocks consoles and computer parts, when it restocks its online store, and much more, keep on reading!

When Does Microcenter Restock Online?

Microcenter’s online store mostly restocks items on Tuesdays, so if you can see the sold-out items on Microcenter.com, you should check again on Tuesday morning to find them back in stock.

It is recommended to utilize the Microcenter site for online purchases for restocking instead of using the Microcenter App if you notice the same “not available” or “sold out” message even after refreshing many times.

In addition, when you are waiting for restocks to arrive, you must log in to the Microcenter account, keep your credit card available and your phone close to you for notification.

When Does Microcenter Restock In-Store?

Microcenter makes in-store restocks every 1-2 weeks to replenish low stock and sold-out items.

To stay up-to-date, you could log into your Microcenter account and check for the availability of a previously sold-out item in your local Microcenter store before visiting the store physically.

Does Microcenter Restock Every Day?

Unfortunately, Microcenter does not restock every day and instead occasionally restocks its stores on Tuesdays and sometimes on Thursdays.

So if you are unable to buy your computer or other items from Microcenter due to unavailability, you should keep track of the restocking timeline and visit Microcenter on a Tuesday.

How Can I Tell If a Microcenter Has An Item In Stock?

To obtain the most precise details about the availability of the item you are interested in to get the most accurate information, sign in to your Microcenter.com account prior to setting on your way to purchase.

While you’re there Make sure to select your nearest shop on the site to obtain information about whether your preferred item is available or not.

Be aware that the selection of products offered on the Microcenter website could differ from the products available in the physical stores.

This is mostly due to the fact that there could be a limited supply of the product, or Microcenter may be testing certain products in certain markets.

Furthermore, Microcenter may offer a wider selection of merchandise on its website since the product can be delivered directly from Microcenter’s distribution centers.

Does Microcenter Restock Every Tuesday?

While Microcenter will restock items on other days, there is a high chance that you’ll receive a new inventory of products that were previously out of stock on Tuesdays.

As a result, the customers must check for new inventory on Tuesday mornings in order to not miss out on newly-released inventory.

How Often is Microcenter Stock Updated?

Microcenter Stock Updated every 10 minutes. If you find an item that is not in availability, we’ll be sorry for the inconvenience in the first place! Microcenter recommends saving the product’s page within your browser and monitoring the stock levels frequently. (Stock update every 10 mins)

When you have the item in stock and you click the Add to CART option, then you are able to make a reservation!

When the product is marked as Limited Availability If the item is listed as LIMITED AVAILABILITY, you must visit the store to check for availability because the quantity of stock is very restricted. Most of the time they are desired items, like video cards and processors.

What Time Does Microcenter Restock GPUs?

Microcenter does not provide a specific timeframe to replenish GPUs. However, they’re likely to provide the GPUs every two weeks on Tuesdays.

Microcenter. Consumers at Microcenter have discovered that it is more likely to receive GPUs restocked on a Tuesday as opposed to another day.

What Time Does Microcenter Drop Graphics Cards?

The Microcenter website is most likely to eliminate Graphic cards between 9 am and 11:30 (EST) subject to the date of availability on their website.

For instance, if you need, for instance, an RTX 3060 Ti model or RTX 3070, check the availability on the internet and wait for the release date if the website offers any details about it.

When Does Microcenter Restock Computers?

Microcenter usually replenishes computers, such as ARC gaming desktops each for up to 2 weeks.

If your preferred computer isn’t available You can ask when it’s going to be available so that you don’t miss out on the latest computer deals.

It is important to note that the majority of customers are lucky on Tuesdays when they refresh their website or use the Microcenter App on Tuesdays.

What Time Does Microcenter Restock PS5 Online?

Microcenter replenishes its PS5 by declaring a day of sale on their website due to the huge demand for the product that is limited.

Since the introduction of the gaming console, PS5 has been met by huge demand with very limited availability from Sony.

The inequities between demand and supply of the gaming device always result in the machine being sold within a few days of its announcement.

Because of this, Microcenter is forced to wait until the next release from only one manufacturer, Sony in order to publish the dates for restocking on its website.

How Often Does Microcenter Get New Laptops?

Laptops available at Microcenter will likely be replenished every up to two weeks.

So if you’re looking to buy at Microcenter It is ideal to speak with an agent for sales when they’ll be restocking the laptops.

If you’re shopping online, you can often check laptops available via the site or contact the shop to ask about availability in the store.

How Often Does Microcenter Update Inventory Online?

Microcenter keeps inventory updated online every two weeks, with no announcement (except for a few products) and there are no waiting lists.

However, for items that sell quickly like PlayStation 5s and similar consoles Microcenter typically announces the announcement of the day’s drop on their website to notify everyone ahead of time.

What Does Sold Out Mean At Microcenter?

” Sold out” at Microcenter indicates that the item that you want to purchase isn’t in stock when you request and will be available upon replenishing.

Be aware that the time of sale does not indicate that the item will be available for purchase again. You may also be interested to learn about When Does GameStop Restock, When Does Target Restock, When Does Walmart Restock.


Microcenter is able to replenish its products like GPUs and computers without notice every 2 to 3 weeks. The highest chance of the restocking taking place on Tuesday.

However, the store offers an announcement of drop dates for certain electronic devices in the home, such as the PS5 which are in high demand and sell out fast.

Customers can keep up to date on the availability of in-store and online products by logging in to their Microcenter account when searching on the site to search for items.

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