When Does Skims Restock in 2023 (Times, Days, Products + More)

Skims is one of the most popular clothing companies. Every day thousands of customers purchase their necessary clothing from the online platform. Sometimes, some products are stock-out including bras, underwear, shapewear, boxers, etc. For this, Skims restocks new and best-selling items.   

So if you want to get new items or best-selling items before stock out, you should know Skims restocking time. In this Article, We discussed everything about this topic!!

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When Does Skims Restock In 2023? 

Skims restock new items one or two times a week. Most of the time Skims restock on Sunday. When new items come into their store, They update their website. You will see all the new items on Sunday in their new section.  So if you want to get new items early, you can check Skim’s website Sunday morning and place an order. 

For customers, convenience, the Skims team works hard to restock (size, color, & Shapewear)as soon as possible. You can get a notification when Skims restock new items or size, color, etc. 

To get notifications, sign up for Skims website or app and navigate to a product. Then you will first be notified when it will be back in stock.   

If you want to know more information about this topic, read the below section. Here we discussed in-depth Skims restocking and we answered all the questions.

How Long Does It Take For Skims To Restock? 

Skims take 3-7 days to restock new items. So you can wait around 7 days to get your choosable dress. Most time, their new items are back in stock within three days. Sometimes, it may take more time for several reasons. 

However, You can allow the notification systems to get notifications when the items will be back in stock. In the case of some items, Skims announces when their new items will come or the next restock.  

Skims sheer sculpt and sheer low-back shorts are available all time.  sometimes best-selling items may Stock-out but they restock these items as soon as possible. You also get Skim’s fastest shipping and delivery service.  

When Is Skims Restocking Shapewear? 

Shapewear is one of the best-selling items in Skims. As it is a top-selling item, Shapewear restocks two times a week. Although,  they don’t announce a specific time – when shapewear is back in stock. 

When new shapewear is back in stock, it will be added to the new items section. You can check the Skims website’s new section to get new shapewear.

Can You Check Skims In-Store Inventory?

Luckily, there’s an opportunity to look up the inventory in Skims’s store prior to your going to the store.

To check your local Skims inventory, you will need to download the Skims mobile app.

After you have downloaded the app, search your store using the ‘Search My Store feature to type in the item you’re looking for.

No matter what you are looking for, like bra items, clothing, or other dresses, the app will let you know what products are in stock.

Furthermore, the app provides you with what you can find in your aisle at the local store.

With the Skims mobile application, you don’t have to stress about missing an excursion to the shop because the item you’re interested in is not in inventory.

Do you get alerts from Skims when Products are Restocked?

If the item you are looking for on Skims’s website is not in the stock you would like to purchase, there’s the option of receiving alerts when the warehouse has restocked.

Skims Stock Alerts lets you sign up to receive notifications via email when the items you’re looking for are in stock. Unfortunately, not every item listed on the Skims’ site is eligible for alerts on the stock.

If an item is suitable it will have the option to click on it and type in the email you have entered.

For products that are highly sought-after, such as consumer products and the latest smartphones, Skims usually does not offer alerts on stocks. Alerts on stocks are available only online for products.

In-store items aren’t currently suitable for these alerts.

How can I Request A Product at Skims?

To request a product you’d like to see available at your local Skims store, visit the “Store and Corporate Feedback” webpage on Skim’s website. You may be also interested to know – When Does Shein Restock Online, &When Does Lulus Restock.


Skims restock bodysuit, shapewear, swim, sculpt low back short, and other dresses 1-2 times a week. Restocking time doesn’t release but you will get new items from a new section of their website. They will notify all the customs when new items are back in stock. 

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