How long Does Cider Take To Ship In 2023? (Free delivery & more)

Cider is one of the popular brands that sell women’s fashion apparel and accessories. The brand offers good quality apparel at affordable prices. Millions of customers purchase items from Cider every month. For customer convenience, the different types of shipping methods. 

However, If you want to place an order at Cider or already purchased, you may be wondering- How long does Cier take to ship or deliver? Yes, We discussed all the shipping methods including the free shipping method. 

let’s get started… 

How long does Cider take to ship in 2023? 

Cider Standard shipping takes 5 – 8 business days to ship your order as of 2023. Standard shipping is free when you order more than $39. Otherwise,  it takes a charge of $4.99. Cider also offers other fastest Shipping Services like Next-Day-Shipping-Sevice. If you choose the Next-Day-Shipping-Service, you will receive your order within 2 business days. But the shipping service is not free. 

Cider has Express shipping that takes 4 – 6 business days to ship an order. But Express shipping charges too much about $16.  

Shipping times also depend on location, stock items, and pre-order items. For in-stock items, it takes 1~3 days to process for delivery. For pre-order times, you will see the estimated date on the product page.

Cider Orders Taking process

Cider Orders Taking process

When a customers place an order at Cider, it takes around 5 -12 house to receive the order. After receiving the order, they check the order – it is stock items nor pre-order items. 

Then they prepare your items. Preparing your items takes 1-3 business days.  After preparing, Cider shipped your items to your address. 

If you choose the fastest shipping service or Express shipping service, they will take low time to prepare and ship your items. When you will choose the Next-Day-Shipping Service, your order will arrive within 3 days.

Why Is My Cider Order Still Processing?

There are several reasons for taking more time to process your order. When you will prove invalid information, it will take more time to process and it showed your order is processing. 

When items stock out, it also takes more time. But in this case, they will notify you about this issue.  Check your email and try to solve this problem. Or contact Cider Support-Teem.

Track your Cider Order

When you will complete your order, you will receive a tracking number. You can track your Cider order by tracking number.

Where will you get the tracking number? 

  1. Simply, Long in your Cider and tap “my order”
  2. You will see all the order lists. 
  3. Then click the specific order.
  4. Now you will see your tracking number.

Alternative way: Cider sends a tracking code in your email. So go to your email and copy your tracking code. 

how to track your order? 

You can use the Cider tracking page to know about your order status currently. You can also use a third-party website to track your order. Copy your tracking number and paste the tracking search section. Then you can see the current status of your order. 

Cider Clothing Delivery Time

Cider Clothing Delivery Time

When your clothing will be shipped, they will notify you of a specific date of delivery. Generally, Cider delivery service provides delivery from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 

Sometimes, it may be more time for several reasons including, bad weather, traffic jams, etc. But you will receive your clothing on a specific date.  

On weekends or holidays, they maybe not provide delivery. If you see that your delivery times are on weekends day, So don’t worry, your order will be arrive on the same date. 

Does Cider Delivery on Saturday

Most Delivery Service providers offer a weekend delivery to help customers.  For example, UPS and FedEx offer weekend pickup and delivery. If you take this service, you will receive your order on weekend.

Cider Express Shipping is the fastest shipping service. Cider Express shipping offer Saturday delivery. 

 Cider Delivery Time and charge in different Countries

If you live in the United States, You can follow the above information. In other countries, Cider shipping cost or delivery time is variable. It also variable the conditions of free shipping.

Standard Shipping Time Standard Shipping Time Free Shipping Conditions Shipping Charge 
Australia 9-13 Business DayOrder Over $41$4.18
Canada10 – 13 Business DaysOrder Over $60$8.19
France7 – 9 Business DaysOrder Over $42$5.41
Germany7 – 11  Business DaysOrder Over $22 $5.41
South Korea 7 – 9 Business DaysOrder Over $40.40$4.21
United Kindom 8 – 11 Business DaysOrder Over $47.70$4.88
China 1-2 Business DaysFree Shipping Unable $100
Brazil 17 -21 Business DaysOrder Over $60$7.27
Japan5 – 7 Business DaysOrder Over $41$7.53
Nepal20 – 30 Business DaysOrder Over $99$24.99
United Arab Emirates 9 -13 Business DaysOrder Over $40$5.17
Cambodia8 -15 Business DaysOrder Over $98$15
Grees12 – 18 Business DaysOrder Over $64$9
Hong Kong China1 -4 Business DaysOrder Over $60$6
Colombia12 – 20 Business DaysOrder Over $99$24
Ireland9 -16 Business DaysOrder Over $64$7.57
Italy7 – 10 Business DaysOrder Over $43$6.49
Mexico10 – 15 Business DaysOrder Over $30$12
Azerbaijan7 – 10 Business DaysOrder Voer $ 50 $5

Where Does Cider Ship From? 

When customers place an order, Cider ships from a California warehouse.  Cider also has several warehouses in different countries.  When you will place an order, they will ship to your nearest warehouse. 

Most items are shipped from the main warehouse. When they ship from your nearest warehouse,  You will get free shipping. Otherwise, you will not get free shipping like in China.

Cider Express Shipping Service is available in the United States because there are warehouses in this area and they can deliver items as soon as possible.

Is Cider clothing Ship From China? No! Cider ships from the United States and nearest some countries. Cider may receive all the clothing directly from China factories. you may also be interested to know about Shein shipping time and StockX delivery time

Conclusion: How Long Does Cider Take to Deliver?

Cider deliver your items within 5 to 7 days in the location of United States. For other countries, It takes more time to deliver. To get the quality of your item, You can choose the fastest line Nex-Day Shipping service that delivers within 2 days. Cider Express shipping also takes low time to deliver.

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