How Much Does Tj Maxx Pay In 2022? (A Complete Guide)

Tj Maxx is an American retail company that sells clothing, footwear, bedding and domestics, toys, and giftware. The company has over 1,000 stores in the United States. The company hired employees year-round. 

So if you want to join at Tj Maxx or already have applied, you may be wondering – how much does Tj Maxx pay? Here we explain everything about Tj Maxx’s salary. 

How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay In 2022? 

TJ Maxx does pay its employees an average of $12 per hour as of 2022. TJ Maxx’s average pay rate is from $9.72 to $16.98 per hour. Employees’ salaries vary depending on job title. For example, TJ Maxx store managers make the most with average hourly ranges of $20 per hour. Sales associate and Associate Merchandiser average $11per hour.

If you want to learn more about TJ Maxx minimum wage, starting pay, does TJ Maxx get paid weekly? Keep on reading!

Here we discovered most of the common questions about TJ Maxx salary that people wanted to know.

What Is TJ Maxx Mininum Wage? 

TJ Maxx’s minimum wage is $10 per hour in all the states as of 2022. TJ Maxx’s minimum average salary is $11 per hour that a sales associate makes. 

A minimum wage is the lowest remuneration that TJ Maxx employers can legally pay their employees. The corporation may not pay below the minimum requirement. 

Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly? 

Yes! TJ Maxx employees are paid weekly and bi-weekly (every two weeks on Fridays) as well as every bimonthly (the eight and twenty-three of every month).

While this is usually considered bi-weekly in reality, the pay is paid every 17 days and paid by direct payment. Payout times will vary for every TJ Maxx Franchise Location

All businesses or start-up businesses, including restaurants chains, joint restaurants, and others of the national companies make use of two different payment cycles: bi-weekly and weekly.

Similar to that, T.J. Maxx pays their workers and employees according to a weekly schedule. The employees and employees employed at the department store are paid on a Friday

. In the past, the department store chain was using biweekly payments. however, in recent times, they have switched to a weekly pay cycle for all their employees and workers.

Job PositionsAverage Per Week
Apparel Associate$82.25 per week
Backroom Associate$78.75 per week
Cashier$98.00 per week
Sales Cashier$86.24 per week
Stocker$91.7 per week
Customer Service Associate$75.95 per week
Front End Associate$73.5 per week
Front End Manager$81.55 per week
Jewelry Associate$75.25 per week
Lead Associate$77.35 per week
Customer Experience Coordinator$144.62 per week
Marshalls Retail Associate$106.68 per week
Cleaning Associate$84.00 per week

Does TJ Maxx Hold Your First Paycheck?

Yes! TJ Maxx holds your first paycheck then they send your paycheck every week. 

This is generally done as an awareness of costs for the payroll as they provide. Based on the method you are paid, they will hold the first check as a future severance payout and they ought to have told you this prior to hiring you.

How Much Do TJ Maxx Cashiers Make?

TJ Maxx cashiers make an average of $13 per hour in the United States. In this year, this corporation increases salary by 5%. 

TJ Maxx cashier processing cash, debit, credit, and check transactions. All the transactions is the cashier’s responsibility. 

What Day Does TJ Maxx Pay?

TJ Maxx pays every Friday. The company pays four times a month. In some of the States, the company pays bi-weekly. In this case, it’s also paid on Friday.  TJ Maxx has a direct deposit in your account every week. 

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Does TJ Maxx Pay For Orientation?

Yes, TJ Maxx employees must be paid for the time they spent in required orientation and training, even if employees did not begin their regularly scheduled work.

How Much Does T.J. Maxx Starting pay?

TJ Maxx starting pay average $12 per hour. When employees join at TJ Maxx, you will be paid at least $11 per hour. 

For example Sales associate starts to pay $11 per hour, a Customer Service Coordinator $12 per hour, an Administrative Coordinator $14, and a Merchandise Coordinator $13. 

Job TitleRange Average
Sales Coordinator$13
Retail Associate$12
Associate Merchandiser$11
Retail Store Assistant Manager$19
Assistant Store Manager$20
Warehouse Associate$14


TJ Maxx Minimum wage and starting pay are $12 per hour. The company pays every week ( Friday). Some of the states may differ. If you want to work at TJ Maxx, you must have to over 16 years old.

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