Home Depot Starting Pay and Minimum Wage 2022

The Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States and it has over 500,000 employees worldwide. The company supply construction products, tools, and services. For this, its popularity growing day by day and it appoints employees.

If you want to apply to Home Depot or already applied, you may be wondering- What is Home Depot Starting pay, How much is Home Depot’s minimum wage in 2022? Here we discovered about Home Depot starting pay and minimum wage. 

Home Depot Starting pay 2022

The Home Depot’s Starting pay is $13 per hour as of 2022. As it is the largest home improvement corporation, it has over 500,000 employees and Home Depot pays the employees by position category.

Home Depot CEO announced that Home Depot is a good company, They always try to make Home Depot a better place by satisfying everyone. They also try to make families happy, employees happy and to make everyone satisfied.

If you want to learn more about Hoem Depot’s salary such as Does Home Depot pay weekly, What position pays the most at Home Depot, What is the minimum wage at Home Depot? keep on reading. 

Here we discovered most of the common questions about Home depot salary that people wanted to know. 

What position pays the most at Home Depot 2022?

Home Depot’s highest-paid person is a director of purchasing and his annual salary is $163,000. The director of purchasing performs a variety of duties to ensure Home Depot obtains the goods and services. 

In the manufacturing of the Home Depot, he is also typically y responsible for developing procurement strategies to acquire raw materials. To accomplish the Home Depot goals, he involves with developing and implementing strategic purchasing plans.

What is the lowest paying job at Home Depot?

Home Depot lowest-Paid person is a Customer Service Cashier and his annual salary is $17,000

Customer Service Cashiers process transactions at check-out areas of Home Depot stores. He involves with counting money, handling customers’ complaints, and keeping the working area clean at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot pay $15 an hour in 2022?

Home Depot pays $15 an hour based on the job posting. Such as Home Depot cashier’s average pay is  $11 per hour and a sales associate earns $ 12 per hour. 

How Much Does Home Depot Pay For The Different Positions?

Home Depot pays employees based on the different positions such as Head Cashier paid $12 per hour, Designer paid $17 per hour. See the below table how much does Home depot pay for what position. 

Job TitleRangeAverage
Sales Associate$10 – $16$12
Cashier$10 – $14$12
Retail Department Supervisor$14 – $20$16
Retail Sales Associate$11 – $17$13
Merchandiser$10 – $15$12
Head Cashier$11 – $16$13
Customer Service Associate$10 – $16$12
Sales Specialist$11 – $17$14
Designer, Kitchen$13 – $22$17
Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$11 – $15$13
Customer Service Representative (CSR)$10 – $16$12
Customer Service Specialist$10 – $18$14
Warehouse Associate$12 – $19$15
Customer Service Sales Associate$10 – $16$12
Department Manager, Retail Store$13 – $22$17
Customer Service Supervisor$13 – $20$16
Asset Protection Specialist$13 – $21$16
Order Filler$10 – $15$12
Paint Associate$11 – $15$12
Designer, Kitchen & Bath$12 – $20$15
Forklift Operator$11 – $19$14
Front End Supervisor$12 – $21$16
Parking Lot Attendant$10 – $14$12
Retail Supervisor$13 – $23$17
Operations Supervisor$13 – $22$16
Retail Merchandiser$10 – $16$12
Merchandising Supervisor$13 – $19$16
Receiving Clerk$13 – $21$16
Department Manager, Hardware Store$13 – $22$17
Associate Merchandiser$10 – $17$12
Warehouse Supervisor$13 – $23$17
Bookkeeper$10 – $19$14
Home Depot Starting Pay & Salary By Job Title.

Does Home Depot pay weekly?

Home Depot doesn’t pay per week- it paid every two weeks. Home Depot also pays monthly. The payment process starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. 

You will get paid the following Friday as Sunday is of the end day. 

Who pays more Home Depot or Lowes?

In some cases, Home Depot pays more than Lowes and Lowes pays more than Home depot. But after all, Lowes pays more than Home Depot inc.

For example, Home Depot Sales Associate average paid $12 per hour and lowes Sales Associate average paid $13 per hour. 

Home Depot Retail Sales Associate average salary $13 and  Lowes Retail Sales Associate average Salary $14 per hour. 

Home Depot Customer Service Associate average salary $ 12 per hour and Lowes Customer Service Associate average salary $ 13 per hour. 

How much does Home Depot pay a month?

Home Depot Assistant Store Manager pays $4700 per month, Retail Store Assistant Manager pays $5000 per month, Operations Manager pays $5600 per month. Senior Software Engineer pays $8925 per month. 

See the below table how much does Home depot pay per year for what position.

Job TitleRangeAverage Salary
Assistant Store Manager$44k – $72k$56,474
Software Engineer$64k – $103k$82,620
Operations Manager$47k – $107k$71,623
Retail Store Assistant Manager$42k – $79k$58,174
Senior Business Analyst$59k – $95k$75,275
Senior Software Engineer$80k – $137k$107,019
Retail Store Manager$51k – $104k$73,762
Product Manager, Software$66k – $124k$92,989
Senior Financial Analyst$65k – $93k$78,832
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)$59k – $129k$87,527
Warehouse Supervisor$43k – $77k$58,482
Human Resources (HR) Generalist$43k – $74k$56,179
Staff Software Engineer$79k -$166k$116,625
Associate Product Manager$54k -$115k$79,689
Home Depot Early and Monthly pay

What are the requirements to work at Home Depot?

If you want to apply at  Home Depot as an employee, you have to follow some requirements to work at Home Depot. Such as you have to be at least 18 years old. Note that some of the states may be changed but maximum states are the same rules. 

What is the Minimum Wage at Home Depot?

Home Depot’s minimum wage is $12 per hour s of 2022. When an employee joined at  Home Depot, he will get $12 as a starting pay. Home Depot paid employees every two weeks and monthly.  

If you want to apply at Home Depot, you should know about Home Depot’s minimum wage and starting pay and how much pay per hour for what position.

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