Olive Garden Dress Code In 2023 (Shirt, Pant, Shoes & More)

Olive Garden is an American casual restaurant chain, specializing in Italian-American cuisines. It is currently in operation in around 900 locations in the world. It offers a variety of Italian food, which includes steaks, salads, and pasta dishes.

The attire for the waiters is all black from the neck down; those days are gone when the olive garden staff was wearing white shirts and tie-dyes susceptible to slipping into the gravy dressing for salads as well as a pasta sauce. Here we explain everything that you need to know about The Olive Garden Dress Code.

Olive Garden Dress Code in 2023 

The dress code at the Orlando-based Olive Garden is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of investment. Servers are provided with black aprons but are required to purchase other pieces of the uniform themselves. As a server, you should buy clothing that is comfortable and easy to maintain. The dress code at Olive Gardens requires servers to wear a black button-down shirt, pants, or cargo skirts, and black non-slip shoes. Shirts should be tucked in and the tie should be worn loosely and no more than two buttons.

Interview attire at Olive Garden involves business-casual or formal wear. During an interview, you should avoid wearing jewelry or wearing tattoos. This will help you create a positive first impression and will make you look attractive. Your appearance should be professional, and you should be free of piercings or tattoos.

 However, if you’re a young person, you should cover up any tattoos you have unless you’re applying for a waitress position.

When applying for a job at Olive Garden, you should be dressed in business casual clothing or a more formal outfit. If you’re a woman, you should wear a dressy blouse or dress pants and avoid any jewelry.

 If you’re a man, wear a suit jacket, and don’t wear any jewelry. Men should avoid revealing their underwear and don’t get too many tattoos. If you’re a woman, keep your makeup simple, and avoid wearing jewelry.

Olive Garden Dress Code On Facial Hair

  • It is advised that you keep your facial hair cut and kept.
  • Cooks, backup cooks, or dishwashers should wear a hair net/beard net as well as a guard.

Olive Garden Dress Code Tattoos

Olive Garden has a strict no-show tattoo policy due to the fact that they have a lot of diversity of employees and customers. However, they should establish a tattoo policy to decrease the possibility of offending a client or creating a negative reaction. If you’re a tattooed person with an arm then you’ll be asked to cover them with long sleeves. If employees have any (religious or other) valid reason for getting tattoos, they should contact management and ask the possibility of an exception being requested.

Olive Garden Dress Code On Hair

Olive Garden isn’t strict about hair colors. It’s possible to have colors that aren’t natural however, it’s your choice not to pick one that will appear unprofessional.

Olive Garden dress code on thOlive garden uniforme piercing

  • Employees can only have two piercings per one ear.
  • There is no facial piercing, or piercing in any other part of the body visible to others is permitted. If employees have piercings around the mouth, tongue or lips, or lips, they must remove their piercings during work hours.
  • Gauges that are larger than 14ga will not be allowed.
  • Olive garden is respectful of all colors, races as well as religions and nationalities. If the employee is able to prove a valid reason for doing so, they should have a piercing placed on their face. It is recommended that they discuss the issue with the management and an exception could be granted (or alternatively, a alternative options could be discussed)

For an interview at Olive Garden,  Here are some suggestions.

Try dressing formally or casually and for males, suit jackets or wrinkle-free khakis paired with nice button-down shirts, and for women dresses and blouses, or a statement dress should be appropriate. Consider neutral colors (navy black, gray, and brown) since they’re the most appropriate in an interview. You should pick appropriate attire. Also, ensure that you look like someone who is able to serve food. Cover your tattoos, pull your hair up, stay away from wearing too much jewelry, and cut off the hair on your face.

Uniform Of Olive Garden

Olive Garden provides servers with black aprons for employees. But, the waiter or waitress is expected to purchase other items that are part of an Olive Garden uniform themselves.

A comfortable, durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain, and reasonably priced clothes is a wise choice as this attire will be worn for every shift. All servers should wear black button-up shirts with black socks and black pants, or black cargo pants, as well as black slip-resistant shoes. Big Lots Dress Code

Ideas for Oliver Garden Dress Code for Waiters And Waitresses

1. The shirt has to be neatly tucked all of the time. The shirt’s top button is able to be left open. The tie is not a requirement of the olive’s standard code.

2. The job involves the waiter/waitress being bent and stretching out a lot, this is why it’s recommended to search for bottoms that stretch.

3. If you are a fan of wearing belts with your outfits, ensure that it’s black.

4. You should purchase stain-free and moisture-wicking clothing.

If you are still having doubts or concerns, be sure you ask the manager.

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When it comes to the olive garden employee dress code, it’s simple. Just make sure to wear a black polo shirt. The restaurant does not allow employees to wear jeans. A white polo shirt is required for servers. The restaurant does not offer uniforms. However, you can buy a white one if you don’t mind paying more. And don’t worry about wearing a dreadlock, either – they just need to be tied up.

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