Burger King Minimum Wage and Starting Pay In 2023 (Complete Guide)

Burger King is a multinational fast food restaurant in the United States. It has over 17,796 stores worldwide. Every day millions of customers take food service from stores and online. Do this, Burger King hired employees year-round. 

So If you want to join Burger King or have already applied, you may be wondering about Burger King’s minimum wage and starting pay. Here we explain everything about Burger King pay. 

Burger King Starting Pay In 2023 

Burger King’s starting pay is $8 – $11 per hour. When an employee joins Burger King, he makes an average of $9 per hour. The salary scale depends on your position. For example, Burger King General Manager’s average hourly rate is $14.93. The cashier’s average hourly rate is $9. 

If you want to learn more about Fast Food Worker starting pay, Restaurant Manager starting pay, Restaurant Assistant Manager starting pay, Line Cook starting pay, Keep on reading! 

Here we discovered most of the common questions about Burger King’s salary that employees wanted to know. 

How Much Burger King Manager Salary? 

Burger King Manager’s average salary is $15 per hour. We know that a restaurant has different types of managers like an Assistant Manager, General Manager, Fast Food Manager, etc. 

So everyone has a different salary. There are Burger King manager salaries

  • Restaurant Manager $11 per hour
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager $12 per hour
  • Assistant Manager $12 per hour
  • Assistant Manager, Fast Food $11 hour
  • General Manager, Restaurant $15 hour
  • Assistant General Manager (AGM) $12 hour
  • Fast Food Manager $12 hour

Does Burger King Pay Weekly? 

Burger King employees are paid after two weeks on a Friday. Employees get paid 2 times a month ( the 8th and 23rd ). You can not receive your payment after 7 days. Your salary will send via direct deposit every 17 days. Payment times may vary depending on Burger King’s location.  

What Hourly Wage Does Burger King Pay?

Burger King hourly rates start at $9.66 an hour for new employees. The average wage for cashiers and cooks can begin from $9.00 per hour whereas managers or assistants could begin as low as $11-$12.

In addition, different Cook jobs can come with an entirely different starting salary as compared to the average. For example, Line cooks will begin from $7.00 per hour whereas the general cook can start at $8.00.

Does Burger Offer Overtime Hours?

There was a case in which Burger King had employees be forced to work overtime without any additional payment, as is legally required.

This led to a variety of overtime-related lawsuits between 2007 and 2015 being settled in the following years, and Burger King tried to crack down on the shady behavior.

Check out the overtime pay standard prior to assuming a Burger King position.

Does Burger King Hold Your First Check?

Burger King holds a week out of the initial three pay weeks. This is often referred to as”a “week in the hole” and is a typical procedure in business.

Furthermore, the procedure is carried out to ensure that you get a final check when you quit Burger King’s company.

Then the employee gets paid bi-weekly.

What Kind of Jobs are Offered at Burger King?

There are numerous opportunities for job openings at your average Burger King franchise.

You’ll always find an open position for cashiers, cooks and managers, team leaders, and assistants when you look on the web for.

In that case, if you’re looking for an opportunity in Burger King, call local locations to find out what jobs are available.

There is no appointment required, all you have to do is visit and complete an application.

How are Burger King Employees’ Paid?

Burger King employees are paid through direct deposit each Friday on bi-weekly or bi-monthly schedules. Workers can also get the money on a Thursday with a check.

Comparatively, companies like McDonald’s pay their employees on a weekly basis and also via direct deposit or check. The company you choose is contingent on how often you’d like to receive your payment.

How much does Burger King Pay? 

Typical, The Burger King employees salary is $11 per hour. Employees salaries at Burger King can range from $8 – $16 per hour.   This figure is based on the 430 Burger King employee salary report(s) submitted by employees or calculated using statistical methods. In addition to bonuses and other bonuses, the employee working at Burger King can expect to receive an average salary of $11 an hour.

Job TitleRangeAverage
Cashier$7 – $11$9
Cook, Fast Food$8 – $11$9
Restaurant Manager$9 – $14$11
Restaurant Assistant Manager$10 – $16$12
Line Cook$7 – $10$9
Crew Leader$8 – $11$10
Assistant Manager$10 – $15$12
Assistant Manager, Fast Food$9 – $14$11
Member Service Representative$7 – $13$10
Porter$8 – $13$9
Team Leader, General$8 – $17$11
General Manager, Restaurant$10 – $21$15
Food Service Worker$8 – $14$10
General Manager $8 – $17 $15

Burger King Minimum Wage In 2022 

Burger King’s minimum wage is $7 per hour in every location as of 2022. When an employee joins Burger King, he will be paid a minimum of $7 per hour. There is no policy to pay below $7. 

Burger King Minimum Age To Work? 

Burger King Minimum age 16 years old to work. Although federal law permits teens aged 14-15 to be employed in restaurants. however, restrictions on child labor restrict the kinds of tasks that they are able to do. Therefore, the majority of Burger King restaurants throughout the U.S. require applicants to be at least 16 years old. of age.

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