When Does GameStop Restock in 2023? (A Complete Guide)

GameStop is an American retailer that sells Video games, consoles, accessories, and consumer electronics. It has over 4,800  stores in the United States. Every day millions of customers purchase video games and electronics from those stores. 

So If you want to purchase a video game or consumer electronics from GameStop, You may be wondering- when does  GameStop restock? Here we find out everything about GameStop stock with our research.  

When Does GameStop Restock in 2023?

Typically, GameStop restocks video games, Gaming accessories, Consoles and hardware, electronics, and toys three times a week. According to an employee, most of the locations receive new shipments from Monday to Friday and restock overnight. Video games and consoles are not part of the restocking schedules because these items have their own scheduled release. The schedules are generally announced by the company ahead of time. 

If you want to learn more about GameStop restock such as what time does GameStop restock PS5, when does GameStop restock consoles, when does GameStop restock online? Keep on reading! 

Here we discovered most of the common questions about GameStop restocking that customers wanted to know! 

When does GameStop Restock Online? 

There is no set schedule to restock online items like the in-store restocking pattern at GameStop. 

Instead, GameStop constantly restocks their online products, with the high-demand items receiving top priority. 

If an online product is out of stock, the GameStop website will notify you before making your purchase.

Unfortunately, the GameStop website does not give an estimate as to when the item will be restocked. 

So, if an item is in stock online at Gamestop, it is best to buy the product right away to ensure it does not go out of stock later. 

When Does GameStop Restock Electronics? 

GameStop restocks electronics (TVs, cell phones, speaker systems, and printers) three or four times a week.

Instead, GameStop employees restock electronics during non-peak customer hours, so the aisles avoid getting too crowded. 

The most popular time frame for Gamestop employees to restock electronics items is between 12 PM and 7 AM.

When Did GameStop Restock PS5?

A brand-new GameStop PS5 in-store replenishment is available just in time for closing out 2021 on the 30th of December.

In recent times, it appears as if GameStop is the leader in stores that sell PS5 replenishments. In reality, for several consecutive weeks, the retailer is now live with new-generation stock in some stores, allowing users to purchase their console without delay.

When you shop online, scalpers remain very often. Indeed, the most recent huge Amazon PS5 drop was ruined completely by scalpers even with plenty of inventory being sold.

Being able to play your console at a storefront means that the buyer won’t need to wait for long waiting times for delivery. Instead, you’ll be able to take your console home right away and begin playing.

The brand-new PS5 Restock will be available at some GameStop outlets on Dec. 30. We’ve got the following information:

Another time, GameStop is confirming a PS5 Restock will be taking place at brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll have to confirm that you’re already a PowerUp Rewards Pro member if you’d like to participate.

Recently, PS5 restocks have increased dramatically at the close of December and it appears that the year is coming to an end with an edgy note. This is the last chance you have to purchase an upcoming console from 2021. Don’t miss out!

GameStop is currently notifying customers that PS5 quantity will be limited. However, store-to-store drop-offs typically are accompanied by a large number of consoles.

Can You Check GameStop In-Store Inventory? 

Fortunately, there is a way to check on GameStop’s in-store inventory before you make a trip to the store.

To check your local GameStop inventory, you will need to download the GameStop mobile app. 

After downloading the app, use the ” Store Finder ” feature and search for a store near me. You can see all the nearest stores. 

No matter what you are looking for, like electronics, game accessories, or their products, the app will let you know what items are in stock. 

Additionally, the mobile app informs you what items are stock and what items stock out at location at your local store. With the Gamestop mobile app, you no longer have to worry about wasting a trip. 

Can You Receive Alerts From GameStop When Products Are Restocked?

If an item on the GameStop website is out of stock that you want to purchase, there is a way to receive alerts when the products are back in stock. 

GameStop Stock Alerts lets you sign up for notifications via email when the products you want are back in stock. Unfortunately, not all items on the GameStop website qualify for stock alerts. 

However, if products are eligible for notification, there will be a button to click and enter your email address. 

For high-demand items, like new smartphones, high-demand electronics, GameStop usually does not provide stock alerts. 

Do All GameStop Stores Carry The Same Inventory?

GameStop has over 4,800 stores throughout the United States, and the inventory and price of products vary between stores and locations. The same states have similar or exact pricing. 

The inventory also varies depending on demand, season, and popularity of products. 

How Do I Request A Product At GameStop?

If you would like to request a product you’d like to see available at your local GameStop, visit the GameStop “Store & Corporate Feedback” page on the GameStop website.

Here, you are able to comment or ask questions.

All you need to do is choose the “Product Feedback” or “Product Question / Product Feedback” option. From there, you’ll have the option to supply all the information needed about what you think that the store should have and also your thoughts on the reason.

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GameStop receives new shipments three or five times a week and restocks items overnight. Some items do not need to restock as it has their own supply. If you need items that are out of stock, you can get a notification by sing-up. 

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