Lowe’s Dress Code 2023 || Uniform, Shirt, Shorts, Jeans, & More

Lowe’s is one of the most popular home improvement companies in America. It has over 300,000 employees across the U.S. Lowe’s operates 2,196 home improvement and hardware stores in North America. They appoint a lot of employees every year. 

So if you want to apply at Lowe’s or already applied- you may be wondering what is Lowe’s dress code? Here we discover everything about Lowe’s dress code such as uniform, shirt, shorts, jeans+ more.

Lowe’s Dress Code 2023

Lowe’s dress code permitted employees to wear khaki pants, jeans, and any color shirt as 2023. Employees can wear shorts, hoodies (without holes ), and closed-toed shoes. Lowe’s also allowed t-shirt and unique fashion choices like piercings. But they don’t allow to wear open-toed shoes and a hat because it violated the dress code policy. 

If you want to learn more about Lowe’s dress code such as What should I wear to a job interview at Lowes, can I wear joggers to Lowes, what is lowes uniform policy? keep on reading. 

Here we discover most of the common questions about Lowe’s dress code that people wanted to know. 

What should I wear on my first day at Lowe’s?

You can wear any kind of casual appropriate clothing, clean nails, clean hair, and comfortable shoes at Lowe’s. You can’t wear clothes that promote something obscene. During your shift, you must wear comfortable shoes and clothes. During your shift, you have a lot of walking.  

Can I wear ripped jeans at Lowe’s?

 Lowe’s allows jeans without holes and ripped jeans. So you can wear jeans but you can’t wear holes and ripped jeans. 

However, Lowe’s encourages its employees to wear comfortable and colorful apparel.

What should I wear to a job interview at Lowes 2023?

Any kind of business casual dress code is perfect for a job interview. When you are preparing for a job interview at Lowes, you should wear a business casual dress or khakis, slacks, good hygiene, a button-down dress attire shirt, nice shoes, knee-length skirt.  

We recommend professional attire such as a business casual dress or at minimum a shirt and a tire with a pair of slacks. Those are appropriate for men. For women, a blouse and dress pants or a statement dress or women business dress.  

Can I wear joggers to Lowes?

Lowe’s does not permit employees to wear joggers. You also can’t wear sweat pants at Lowe’s during duty.  you can wear comfortable jeans that are good for you. Lowe always recommends the employees wear a comfortable uniform that does not interfere with work. 

What is Lowes Dress Code Policy? 

Lowes dress cod policy allowed the employees to wear any color of shirt and khaki pants. Employees also can wear jeans without holes. 

Are Lowe’s Dress Code Permitted Hoodies? 

Lowe’s permits employees to wear hoodies. During the winter season, you can wear hoodies. Ilegal printed hoodies are not allowed such as political logos, racist, obscene, and terrorist promotes,s, etc. 

Can Lowe’s Employees Wear Hats?

Employees are permitted to wear a baseball cap as long as it is a Lowe’s cap. If you work as a cashier at Lowe’s, you are not permitted to wear a hat. Lowe’s dress policy mentioned that employees can not wear hats, who works at the check-out.

Are Lowe’s Employees Allowed Facial Piercings?  

Lowe’s reduced restrictions on facial piercings when it introduced its new dress code in 2020. That means you are permitted to keep facial piercings in whilst at work at Lowe’s.

If you work in a fresh food area, you may be asked to remove your piercing. 

Can Lowe’s Employees Dye Their Hair? 

Lowe’s dress code permitted employees to dye hair. The lowe’s have the most restrictions concerning hair color.  

Lowe’s regulations state that as long as the color doesn’t distract employees from their work. 

Can Lowe’s Employees Have Tattoos?

Lowe’s allows Employee tattoos unless your tattoos are vulgar somehow. Tattoos are now widely permitted for Lowe’s employees

If your tattoos are vulgar somehow, you will be asked to cover them up by your manager.


Changes in uniform policy have opened up a lot of possibilities for employees at Lowe’s. There is some flexibility in terms depending on your position. Lowe’s allows all the business dress codes such as khaki pants, color shirts and others. 

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