CVS Dress code 2023 (Shorts, Jeans, Uniform + More)

CVS  is a retail corporation in the United States and it has over 203,000 employees. CVS has a fixed dress code for employees that helps customers to identify staff in-store. It also helps to build community among the employees as well.  

So if you want to work at CVS or you have already applied at CVS, you may want to know about the CVS dress code or CVS Uniform. Yes! You came to the right place. Here we will explain everything about the CVS dress code, such as What is the CVS dress code, what is the CVS pharmacy uniform policy, 

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CVS Dress Code In 2023?

The CVS permitted employees to wear black or tan colored pants and  CVS shirts. CVS provides shirts for cashiers and front-of-store employees. CVS allows pharmacy technicians to wear hospital scrubs. Pharmacists have to wear business casual clothes under their lab coats. Any type of closed shoes is allowed for all employees. 

If you want to learn more about what is CVS employee handbook dress code is, What is  CVS pharmacy employees dress code is, and what is CVS pharmacy tech dress code is, keep on reading below!

Here we discovered what should wear to a job interview at CVS and you also can know  about CVS jeans, tattoos, shorts, T-shirt policy

What Is The Uniform For CVS Employees?

CVS Employees Uniform is black or tan colored pants, closed-toe shoes, and a CVS tee shirt or polo shirt. CVS employees uniforms include that is permitted dress code. If you are a front store staff, you can wear the common colors of dress such as the back pants and dark blue or red shirts. 

If you want to work as a pharmacy technician, you have to wear hospital scrubs. If you want to work as a pharmacist, you have to wear business casual clothes underneath their lab coats. One important thing is every employee must wear a name tag on their uniform. 

CVS Interview Dress Code

The formal dress is a perfect dress for an interview. So you should wear a formal dress code at the CVS interview. 

The first impression is the most important. For this, you can wear a suit with formal clothes.

CVS Dress code Short Policy 

CVS does not permit employees to wear shorts. Most of the CVS stores are sufficiently cooled through air conditioning. Especially during the summer season, the CVS store has cooled, for this reason, Shorts are not permitted. 

However, The policy may be changed depending on different states. You can contact store managers to get a permit.  

CVS Employees Dress Code Jeans policy

CVS dress code policy mentioned that Jeans are not permitted. CVS employees can not wear jeans (even black ones). Although some of the CVS stores allow jeans, it depends on the leniency of store managers. 

CVS always recommends employees wear trousers made with synthetic materials such as cotton.   

Can CVS Employees Wear Hoodies?

CVS is permitted employees to wear hoodies during the winter season. You also can wear fleeces, a jacket or other winter seasonal dresses. 

Zip-up hoodies are also permitted in some stores during the winter season, as long as the name tag is placed outside the hoodie. 

To know about another winter seasonal uniform, you can ask your colleagues or store manager. 

What Shoes Can CVS Employees Wear?

CVS Dress code permitted employees to wear closed-toed shoes. The shoes must be a neutral colour. CVS always encourages employees to wear non-slip and comfortable shoes. 

One important thing, you have to keep in mind is that sandals, flip-flops, and any other open-toed shoes are prohibited across all CVS stores.

Hair Dye Policy of CVS Employees 

Previously CVS only permitted natural hair colours for its employees. But now CVS permits the employee to dye hair colours. It is an updated policy. 

If you want to dye hair, you should check the CVS updated policy of your store. You also can ask your colleagues or store manager. If you are sure about it, you can do this. 

Can CVS Employees Have Visible Tattoos?

CVS dress code policy does not mention tattoos. But CVS allows visible tattoos as long as they are not offensive or rude in any way. Some of the store managers are not permitted tattoos for their store. 

So if you have a tattoos hobby, you can ask your store managers about tattoos. But you have to keep in mind that you can not have tattoos with any type of political logo and other obscene.  

Can I have Ear Piercings At CVS? 

You can wear jewelry but CVS is advised to wear limited jewelry. Some of the stores only permit a pair of studs in the ears or small hoops. 

Some of the stores have no restrictions on jewelry, you can wear jewelry as you like. But it depends on what type of store you are working in. 

As it depends on the store type, if you want to know exact information about it, you can ask your store manager about it.

 What is the CVS pharmacy technician dress code? 

Pharmacy technicians’ dress code is hospital scrubs. In the CVS pharmacy technicians wear hospital scrubs and Pharmacists wear business casual clothes. 

CVS Scrubs: 

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Conclusion: CVS Uniform

CVS Uniforms include solid color pants in tan or black, closed shores, store-provided tee shirt or polo shirt and trousers.  

Employees wear uniforms with variations such as Pharmacists wearing a business casual dress under their lab coats. Pharmacy technicians wearing hospital scrubs and business casual uniforms. 

 The rules of tattoos, piercings, facials, jeans, shorts and cosmetics vary depending on each store manager.