Amazon Dress Code 2023 ( Hats, Shorts,Shoes,Tattoos)

Amazon is an American multinational technology company and it has over 1,298,000 employees. It has a dress code policy. Amazon dress code policy in 2023 included shirts, hearts, shorts, and tattoos. 

So if you have just started a job at Amazon or are going for a job interview there, you may be wondering- what is the Amazon dress code for employees?. Yeah, you came to the right place, we have found out through our research!

Amazon dress code 2023

In 2022, the Amazon dress code permitted any kind of business casual dress. Amazon warehouse employees can wear jeans,  closed shoes, hats, shorts conditionally. Although Amazon does not allow jewelry, you can wear small stud earrings.

If you want to learn more about the shirt, hats, shorts, tattoos, jeans you should wear as an Amazon worker. We discovered and explained all things about the Amazon dress code. To know, keep on reading.

Amazon Dress code Tops

Amazon dress code allowed tops but the warehouse workers are not permitted to wear tops with baggy sleeves, loose t-shirts, crop tops, skirts, booty shorts, or anything else too revealing. If you would not work at the Amazon warehouse, you can wear tops. Warehouse employees can wear hoodies with no hanging strings in them. Everyone has to keep in mind not to wear anything with an offensive slogan on it.

Amazon Dress Code Jeans

The Amazon dress code allowed you to wear jeans. If you work at an Amazon warehouse, you also can wear jeans. If you wear fitted and comfortable jeans it may be better to work for you. 

For this reason, they don’t like employees wearing jeans or pants with loose bottoms. Amazon encourages the employee to wear fitting pants or jeans. Another important thing you have to remember is that you can not wear jeans with any hanging ornament such as a tassel in their outfit.

Amazon Dress code Shoes

The Amazon dress code allowed you to wear any kind of closed shoes. Employees can wear any kind of comfortable closed shoes that will give a better work experience. If you work at an Amazon warehouse, you have to keep in mind that you have to wear shoes with thick soles. As you have to walk at the time of duty. 

Walmart isn’t permitted to wear hard toes, tennis shoes, or any other shoe with solid soles. They also don’t allow open shoes at the time of duty.

Amazon Dress Code Hair

According to our online research, Amazon permitted hair color preference. However, you should contact your manager before getting your hair dyed. If you work at the warehouse, you need to have hair tied up properly if they are too long and pinned if necessary.

You have to ensure that you do not get caught in any machinery or a package while you are working.

Amazon Dress code Nails

The Amazon dress code has no particular policy about nails. You can sort or long nails as you like. Sort or long doesn’t matter but you have to keep in mind the safety.

Amazon Dress code for warehouse workers

Amazon warehouse workers have a little bit of a limit to wearing clothes. See below what you can wear and not. 

  • You can wear hoodies with no hanging strings in them.
  • Tops are not allowed for Amazon Warehouse workers.
  • Jeans or pants are allowed but you have to ensure that the jeans or pants are fitted. 
  • Any kind of closed shoes is allowed for Amazon warehouse employees. But you should wear comfortable shoes.
  • Hear colours are permitted but you have to tie you have at the time of duty.

Amazon Dress code tattoo & Piercings

Amazon’s dress code permitted visible tattoos for employees. But offensive or otherwise controversial messages are not allowed. If you already have offensive tattoos, the manager of the store may tell you to cover them up. 


The Amazon Dress Code allowed all types of body, ear, and facial piercings. As Amazon warehouse workers don’t interact with customers, for this reason, they conceded the subject. But you can’t have earrings that display political symbols or like that.

You should wear those types of jewelry that are safe for you. For Example, if you wear rings and bracelets that have the potential to hang high and get caught in machinery, That is not good for you.

Amazon Dress Code Shorts & Hats

Amazon permitted shorts and hats to wear. you can wear shorts as long as these aren’t excessively revealing. When you wear hats, you have to keep in mind, the hats do not display any obscene, political, or racist images. 

If you are an Amazon warehouse worker, you can wear baseball caps every day.

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