6 Cash-Friendly Fast Food Delivery Services in the USA

As a lover of fast food and the convenience of online ordering, I recently found myself facing an unexpected dilemma. Due to certain circumstances, I was temporarily unable to access my usual methods of payment for online orders, which left me wondering if there were fast food delivery services that still accepted good old-fashioned cash. Determined to satisfy my cravings, I set out on a quest to explore and discover which fast food places in the USA were cash-friendly for delivery.

The Challenge of Finding Cash-Friendly Delivery Services:

In this modern era dominated by digital transactions and contactless payments, finding fast food delivery services that accept cash was not as straightforward as it once was. After conducting some online research and contacting customer support of various fast-food chains, I discovered that several popular establishments still accommodated cash payments for delivery orders.

1. McDonald’s: A Timeless Classic:

To start my cash-friendly fast food delivery adventure, I chose McDonald’s, a classic American staple known for its iconic Golden Arches and mouth-watering burgers. To my delight, McDonald’s still accepted cash for delivery orders. With a wide range of menu items, from Big Macs to Chicken McNuggets, ordering through their website was seamless. The delivery arrived on time, and the familiar scent of McDonald’s filled the air as I excitedly opened the packages.

2. Domino’s Pizza: A Slice of Convenience:

Next on my list was Domino’s Pizza, a pizza chain with a reputation for fast and reliable delivery services. To my relief, Domino’s still accepted cash payments for delivery orders, and their user-friendly website made the ordering process a breeze. I indulged in their classic pepperoni pizza and was impressed by the timely delivery and delicious taste, just as I remembered.

3. Subway: Fresh and Cash-Friendly:

Craving something lighter, I opted for a Subway sandwich. Surprisingly, Subway also allowed cash payments for delivery orders. I appreciated the ability to customize my sandwich just the way I liked it using their online order form. The delivery driver arrived with my footlong sub and a smile, proving that fresh and cash-friendly could indeed go hand in hand.

4. Taco Bell: A Tex-Mex Treat:

The irresistible flavors of Tex-Mex beckoned, leading me to place a delivery order at Taco Bell. With their extensive menu of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, I was eager to indulge in some south-of-the-border goodness. To my satisfaction, Taco Bell was another fast food chain that accepted cash payments for delivery. The tangy taste of their Crunchwrap Supreme and cheesy quesadillas transported my taste buds on a flavorful journey.

7. KFC: Finger-Lickin’ Good with Cash Convenience:

A craving for fried chicken led me to explore KFC, the home of finger-lickin’ goodness. I was pleased to discover that KFC allowed cash payments for delivery orders. Their website provided a seamless ordering experience, and I was soon savoring the deliciousness of their crispy chicken and mashed potatoes from the comfort of my home.

6. Burger King: Have It Your Way:

In my quest for cash-friendly fast food, Burger King was an obvious choice. Known for its “Have It Your Way” philosophy, Burger King accommodated cash payments for delivery orders. The Whopper, Burger King’s signature sandwich, lived up to its reputation, leaving me satisfied and content.


What delivery websites take cash?

Some delivery websites still accept cash payments for orders. However, the availability of cash payment options may vary depending on the specific restaurant and location. To find out if a particular delivery website allows cash payments, it’s best to check their payment options during the checkout process or contact their customer support for assistance.

Can you do cash on delivery?

Yes, “Cash on Delivery” (COD) is a payment option offered by some online retailers and delivery services. With COD, customers can pay for their orders with cash at the time of delivery, rather than making a payment online in advance. This option is often available for customers who prefer not to use digital payment methods or credit cards.

Can I pay for Uber Eats in cash?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Uber Eats did not offer a cash payment option in most locations. Uber Eats typically operates as a cashless platform, where customers are required to make payments using credit/debit cards, PayPal, or other digital payment methods integrated into the app.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that services and policies may change over time, and Uber Eats may have introduced cash payment options in some regions since my last update. To check if Uber Eats now accepts cash in your area, it’s best to visit their official website or refer to their app’s payment options.

Can I pay cash with DoorDash?

Answer: Yes, DoorDash does offer a cash payment option in select areas. While DoorDash is primarily a cashless platform, they have introduced the option of paying with cash in certain regions to accommodate customers who prefer this payment method.


My exploration of cash-friendly fast food delivery services in the USA was a success. Despite the increasing emphasis on digital payments, several popular fast food chains still allowed customers to pay with cash for their delivery orders. Whether it was the timelessness of McDonald’s, the convenience of Domino’s Pizza, the freshness of Subway, the Tex-Mex treats at Taco Bell, the finger-lickin’ goodness of KFC, or the customizable options at Burger King, I learned that cash could still be a viable option for fast food enthusiasts.

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