When Does Zara Restock in 2023? (Size, New Item, Sold Out Item)

Zara is one of the largest apparel retailers in Spain. It is the most popular of women’s fashion dresses and accessories. Zara offers unique design apparel for their customers. The retailers launched new items and stock-out demandable times. 

When you are looking for something that is not available at Zara, you need to know- when does Zara restock? For you better shopping experience, you should know about Zara restoring time. Here we share everything so that you can get an idea about this topic. 

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When Does Zara Restock In 2023? 

Typically, Zara restocks two times a week. Zara receives new shipments Mondays and Thursdays. They restock new items, old items, size, color and more. Zara receives new shipments afternoon and restocks their store overnight. After restocking the store, They update their online (Official website). When new items launch on the market, you can see the items as a new option. 

If you want to get a notification when Zara restocks, sign up at Zara and turn on the notification option. When Zara restocks items, they notify all the members. 

If you want to learn more about Zara restock, Keep on reading. Here we discuss everything about Zara restocking and tried to answer all the questions about this. 

When Does Zara Restock Online? 

Zara gets a new shipment Mondays and Thursdays. After getting the shipment, Zara restocks online the next day. When you see items that are not available which are you looking, you have to wait two or three days. As Zara restocks almost items two times a week, So You don’t have to wait long.

It is a rare case that Zara items do stock out. Although some items are sold a lot. In this case, you can see some items are stocked out. Sometimes we see Sizes are not available. 

If you can see the size are not available, you can on Zara’s restock alert. When your items are back in stock, you will get a notification from Zara.

How to get Zara Restock Alert/Notification? 

When Zara restocks new items or demandable items, They notify all the members. You can also get a notification from Zara by turning on restock alert. For this, you have to sign up at Zara with your mail account. You will receive a notification in your mail and Zara account. 

Alternatively, you can contact the Zara support team. They will help you provide the information. 

Does Zara Restock Sold Out Items? 

Zara restocks Sold Out Items one or two times a week. It depends on the demand for the items. When they identify the items that are highly demandable in the market, they restock those items as soon as possible. 

In the case of Sold Out items, we recommend to you, contact customer support. They will provide an estimated time of restocking. Some sold-out items take more time to back in stock. 

How Long Does Zara Take To Restock? 

Zara takes three to four days to restock new and Sold-Out Items. Sometimes it may take more time for several reasons. In the case of   Sold-Out items, it takes more time to restock. For new items, it takes 3-4 days. 

However, Zara restocks every time fastly than other fashion retailers.  Zara also offers the fastest shipping and delivery service

How Often Does Zara Release New?

Zara releases new products every week. Every Monday you can see new items at the Zara store and on the Zara website. So if you want to get new items, you should check Monday’s schedules.

Zara releases about 20,000 different styles a year. This amount is one of the biggest amount styles for customers. Zara produces around 450 million garments with  20,000 different styles a year. Every week Zara releases new designs. 


Zara restocking times are between 10 AM to 11 PM. All the items are updated on their official website. When some items sold out, they also restock them as soon as possible. New items are restocked two times a week and sold-out items restock weekly. 

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