Morton’s Steakhouse Dress Code Policy In 2023 (Jeans, Shirt & Shoes)

Morton’s Steakhouse is a renowned fine dining establishment that is known for its exceptional steaks, elegant ambiance, and top-notch service. As with many high-end restaurants, Morton’s maintains a dress code to ensure a sophisticated and upscale dining experience for its guests. The dress code is an important aspect of the overall dining experience, as it contributes to the atmosphere and sets the tone for a refined evening.

Dress Code Policy at Morton’s Steakhouse In 2023

At Morton’s Steakhouse allow their guest to wear appropriate attire including well-tailored suits, dress shirts, ties, and polished dress shoes. Dress slacks paired with a collared shirt and blazer are also acceptable. However, casual attire such as t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers should be avoided.

For women, cocktail dresses, skirts with elegant blouses, and dressy pantsuits are suitable choices. It is important to opt for well-fitted and classy outfits. Casual wear like jeans, flip-flops, and athletic shoes should be avoided.


Dress code for Special Occasions 

Morton’s Steakhouse is a popular choice for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. During these celebratory events, guests may choose to dress slightly more formally than the regular dress code. Men may consider wearing a dinner jacket or a tuxedo, while women can opt for more elaborate and glamorous outfits, such as formal gowns or cocktail dresses adorned with elegant accessories.

In the case of business dinners or corporate events, the dress code may lean more toward business attire. Men can wear tailored suits or dress slacks with a button-down shirt and tie. Women can choose professional attire, such as a pantsuit or a tailored skirt or dress with a blazer. Striking a balance between professionalism and elegance is key in such settings.

 Etiquette and Conduct

In addition to adhering to the dress code, guests at Morton’s Steakhouse are expected to exhibit proper etiquette and conduct throughout their dining experience. This includes respecting the atmosphere and other guests’ dining experiences by refraining from loud conversations or disruptive behavior. It is also essential to limit cell phone usage to maintain a pleasant and undisturbed environment.

Guests are encouraged to arrive on time for their reservations, as punctuality is highly valued at Morton’s. This ensures that the restaurant can provide timely and seamless service to all guests. It is equally important to honor the reservation duration to allow for a smooth flow of service for all parties involved.

can I wear jeans to Morton’s Steakhouse?

Morton’s Steakhouse has a business casual dress code. This means that jeans are generally not allowed, but there are some exceptions. If your jeans are clean, well-fitting, and without holes, you may be able to get away with wearing them. If you are unsure about what to wear, it is always best to call the restaurant ahead of time and ask.

Morton’s Steakhouse las vegas dress code

The dress code at Morton’s Steakhouse in Las Vegas follows the same guidelines as other locations. Guests are encouraged to dress in formal or business casual attire, with men typically wearing suits or dress shirts with ties, and women opting for cocktail dresses or elegant ensembles.Flemings Dress Code Policy


The dress code at Morton’s Steakhouse is an integral part of the overall dining experience at the restaurant. It sets the stage for a refined and elegant evening, complementing the outstanding cuisine and exceptional service that Morton’s is renowned for. By adhering to the dress code, guests contribute to the sophisticated atmosphere and ensure a memorable dining experience.

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