Kohl’s Employee Dress Code/ Uniform in 2023

Kohl’s is one of the largest department store retail chains in the United States. It has over 1100 stores that sell clothing, footwear, bedding, beauty products, electronics, and houseware. Kohl’s Appoints employees for jobs every year. It has a dress code policy for employees or workers. 

So if you want to apply at Kohl’s or already have applied, you may be wondering – what is Kohl’s dress code? Keep on reading! Here we find out more info about Kohl’s dress code with our research.

Kohl’s Dess Code in 2023

Kohl’s employees are allowed to wear dresses, tops, and shirt dresses in any dark hue. Kohl’s employees may also wear jeans, capris, and skirts in blue or black denim, or beige. They can wear casual or active shoes. 

If you want to learn more about Kohl’s dress code such as Can you wear sweatpants to Kohl’s, why are Kohl’s employees wearing black, what is the uniform for Kohl’s? Keep on reading!

Does Kohl’s Provide Uniforms?

While Kohl’s doesn’t offer uniforms for its employees, however, they must wear a lanyard from Kohls and a badge.

Also, they refer to their attire as a uniform which renders this “business casual.”

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans at Kohls?

Since the code of dress is casual at Kohl’s, it does not permit any casual clothing.

This can include tears, ripped jeans, and distressed/frayed jeans.

Which Kinds Of Shoes Can You Wear At Kohls?

Kohl’s workers are permitted to wear active or casual footwear sturdy enough to keep you active all day long.

This is a reference to the tennis shoe, fashionable shoes, and/or open-heeled shoes (clogs and so on), or any other footwear considered appropriate by the store director.

 Kohl’s  Dess Code Shirt 

Kohl’s employees currently wear collarless t-shirts as well as solid knit blouses.

It is not permitted to wear shirts with graphic designs, slogans, or patterns The fabric must be solid colours of dark blue, black, or grey. Hoodies are not allowed.

Can You Have Tattoos At Kohl’s?

Kohl’s employees are allowed to get tattoos so they’re allowed to be displayed. If a tattoo reveals ugliness, violence, or sexuality or is a symbol of violence, it should be covered.

If the tattoo you’ve got isn’t able to be covered (face/neck tattoo) You’ll need to talk to your store’s individual manager on how to handle it.

Can Kohl’s Employees Wear Leggings?

The Kohl’s staff is permitted to wear leggings so they adhere to certain guidelines.

The leggings have to be blue or black denim, and they should be worn only with tops that extend over your bottom, in case they’re slightly transparent.

Can You Have Colored Hair At Kohl’s?

Kohl likes to place the emphasis on showing his individuality. Therefore, natural-colored hair is acceptable as long as it’s professionally styled.

What Is The Uniform For Kohl’s?

Kohl’s uniforms are Balck shirts or t-shirt and any color of pants includes jeans.  You can wear a business casual dress like a black shirt and formal pants with black shoes. Kohl’s provide uniform for the employees. 

Does Kohl’s Allow Hats?

The staff at Kohl’s cannot wear hats inside the store.

However, there is a caveat but only in the event that the employee drives an official vehicle, but it’s not common. The same applies to sweater hoods.

Can You Have Facial Piercings/Wear Jewelry At Kohl’s?

Kohl’s permits their employees to wear a single facial piercing. They do not impose any restrictions on ear piercings.

They do not have restrictions on jewelry, bracelets, or necklaces. jewelry, which allows their employees to be as imaginative with their outfits as they want in their code of dress.

Does Kohl’s Allow Painted And/Or Fake Nails?

Kohl’s permits their employees the option of wearing fake and manicured nails.

However, they do emphasize that based on the department you’re in, nails could break and paint may be chipped. They don’t advise it to all employees.

Do Kohl’s Sephora Employees Have A Different Dress Code?

The employees on the Sephora counter in Kohl’s wear an entirely different dress code:

  • Dark-colored Tops (preferably dark black)
  • Business casual black trousers or denim in black
  • Black informal or active shoes
  • Kohl’s badge and lanyard
  • Some stores located in California, Colorado, Malibu, Illinois, and Oregon may be slightly different from their dress codes.

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Conclusion: Kohl’s Uniform 

The dress code for Kohl’s can be described as business casual. For tops, employees can wear black collarless t-shirts, tops, and sweaters made of knits as well as dresses. On the bottom, they can wear capris, jeans, and skirts in dark blue, black or beige.

Leggings are also permitted in the event that they’re of a solid dark color and are paired with an appropriate shirt that covers your bottom. Capri pants’ lengths for pants must not be less than mid-calf. Dresses and skirts should not be less than 2 inches over the knees.

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