YouTube Mission Statement 2022 | Vision & Core Values Analysis

Introduction: YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform that was founded in 2005 (15 years ago). Its main headquarters is in San Bruno, California. Google company bought YouTube and now Google operates the site.

Everyone can use YouTube and they can upload, view, share, report, comment on videos. Users can also subscribe to other user YouTube channels. This platform is available to content includes video clips, music videos, TV shows, movie trailers, live streams, education videos, blogging videos, short films, funny videos, craft videos, and kids videos. Most of the content creators create the content purpose of business. Some craters create content for hobby or publicity. 

Video content creators earn advertising revenue from Google AdSense that is target ads according to YouTube content and audience. Anyone access YouTube free, video watching, video uploading, sharing, etc. Every day 576k hours of video upload and one billion hours of content being watched.   YouTube is the second-most popular and second-largest search engine in the world.

Site: YouTube
Founded: February 2005.
Headquarters: San Bruno, California, United States.
Founder: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim.
Industry: Internet and video hosting service.
Products: YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, YouTube TV.
Revenue: US $15 billion.
Advertising: Google AdSense.

The mission statement of YouTube:

YouTube’s mission statement is ” to give everyone a voice and show them the world ” YouTube is a video sharing platform so the company concentrates on video content. YouTube companies make it easy to access and share videos widely in the world. The mission statement also shows easy communication and gives entertainment for its visitors. There are two main components:

  1. Give everyone voice 
  2. Show everyone around the world.

YouTube makes its platform so that anyone can share their activity or creativity and people can express their voices. YouTube designed an algorithm for visitors to find information that exactly visitors needed. The algorithm also shows the best information for visitors by suggesting video content.