When Does Foot Locker Restock? (Update in 2023)

Foot Locker is one of the largest American sportswear and footwear retailer. The corporation sells shoes, clothing, and other related accessories. Million of customers purchase shoes, clothing, and accessories for their kids. Sometimes you can see that  Foot Loker’s products are not available on its shelve. 

So if you want to get your necessary items in Foot Locker, you have to know Foot Locker restock date and time. In this post, we shared a dependable guide for you to shop at Foot Locker. 

When Does Foot Locker Restock in 2023? 

Most demandable items like shoes and clothing restock every day as of 2022. Foot Locker has over 3000 stores in America. Some stores restock every day and some stores restock 3-4 times a week. It depends on the store area and demand for the products. As most of the stores restock every day, don’t worry, your items will be back soon. Low demandable items (shoe bags, shoe care items, caps, and hats) restocks 3-4 times a week. 

However, If you see your items are not available to shelve, you have to wait a maximum of one or two days.  To learn more about Foot Locker restock, keep on reading. 

Some Foot Locker customers asked the question to know- when does Foot locker restock online or website, what day restock, and when does the Canada store restock? Here we answered all the questions. 

When Does Foot Locker Restock Online?

Foot Locker restocks their website daily. Sometimes it may take one or two days to restock specific items. So when you visit the Foot Locker website, some items show stock out. 

For your specific items, you may wait one or two days. Or you can contact Foot Locker customer service. You can also massage them on their social media accounts to know when they refill items.  

Foot Locker has a release calendar page. When the next hot item will drop, they announce it on their release calendar. Typically all the items launch at 10 a.m. (ET). 

How to check availability on Foot Locker?  

To check the Foot Locker stock availability, go to the Foot Locker website and search for your specific item. Then you will see whether your items are available or not. 

If your items are available on their website, you also get your specific items in-store. As they restock daily of their website and store.  

When does Foot locker Restock Size? 

If your size is not available, you can contact their customer service or use their in-store Sneaker Finder service. Check the Footlocker website regularly to get your size. 

If you can not get any solution, note down the product code and go to your nearest store. Then ask one of the stripers to use the Sneaker Finder service to check your product’s availability in your size. 

Note: If you stay in Europe and your item’s size is available in-store, the striper will book it for you and will be delivered to your address for a fee. 

How do I get notified when Foot Locker restocks? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to get a notification from Foot Locker. You have to check your item manually. As they restock daily, it is easy to find. 

If you are unable to find your items on the website, you can contact customer service. They will give you an estimated time. Or you can visit your nearest Foot Locker store. 

If you have an account, you will get a notification when they release new items on their website. 

How long does Foot Locker take to order/deliver/ship? 

When a customers place an order at Foot Locker, It will take 24 hours to complete the order. Then it completes the verification process. After completing the verification process, Foot Locker ships your items within 5-6 business days. 

So you will receive your package within 5-6 business days. Delivery time may vary depending on the location and weather.

How do you get new drops on Foot Locker?

To get new drops, You have to sign up with your valid email address.   if you have a Foot locker mobile app, you can see the upcoming release.  

Otherways, go to the Foot Locker website and find the launch locator. There you can see the upcoming release items. Learn more about When does Fashion Nova Restock?


Typically they restock items daily. Some items restock 2-3 times a week. Foot Locker tracks arrive in the afternoon and restock their store and website in governing. So if you check the website in the morning, you will see the times whether back in store or not. 

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