When Does Aldi Restock Their Shelves In 2023 (Full Guide)

Aldi is one of the largest retailers and it has over 10,000 stores in 20 countries. Every day millions of customers purchase items online and store. Sometimes you can see some items are stock-out. 

So for a better shopping experience, you should know – when does Aldi restock their shelves and online. Here we explain everything about Aldi restock time, process, and date. 

When Does Aldi Restock In 2023?

Aldi restocks their shelves every Wednesday as of 2023. Most highly anticipated and comprehensive demandable items restock two times a week. Aldi receive a new shipment Wednesday afternoon and restock overnight. Typically, grocery and pantry items do restock because those items are most demandable.  

However, If you want to shop at Aldi, You should go on Thursday morning.

 If you don’t know- when does the Aldi store open, you can check Google Maps to know the opening time. 

Just search in the Google Maps search bar, ” Aldi store near me” and you can see all the nearest Aldi store opening and closing times.

Note: If you need more information about the Aldi store, you can find out here.

If you want to shop from Aldi.com, you can check their website on Thursday. 

To learn more about when Aldi restocks online, how to get notification when restocking online, and What time is the best for shopping? keep on reading! 

When Does Aldi Restock Online? 

Aldi receives a new shipment a week. Aldi receives this shipment on Wednesday afternoon.  When they receive this shipment, they restock their store and warehouse. 

After restoring the store, they update the items on their website. If you check their website on Thursday, you can see the items are available. 

When you are looking for some items that are out of stock, you can get a notification from Aldi by signing up.

If you sign-up with your email address, You will get a notification when items will be back in stock. 

You can also contact Aldi’s customer service team to know when Aldi restocks online. 

What Day Does Aldi Get Shipments?

Aldi gets a new shipment Wednesday. it depends on the are and demand products. Some areas get new shipments 2-3 times a week. 

New items restock one or two times a week. You can check your nearest Aldi stock. You can contact the manager to know about Aldi stock. 

They will give the correct information about Aldil stock. How to contact them? 

Just find out their email address or phone number. When you will search in Google ” Aldi store near me” Google map will show you all the requests Aldi store.

Then select the store. You will see the store manager’s phone number and email address. 

Does Aldi Let You Reserve Items?

No! you can not reserve items in the Aldi store. Aldi does not offer this benefit. So there is no way to reserve items. Aldi also does not offer to reserve items via Instacart.  

So if you want to restock an item from Aldi, you have to look early on Wednesday. 

Otherwise, you can try to contact an employee to know about this. I personally recommend contacting the employee and asking when do new items will come on their shelves? 

Aldi employee will help you to provide all info about restocking. So that you can purchase your items easily. Learn more about- Aldi Employee Dress Code, Nike Restock, and Lululemon Restock.


Aldi restocks their shelves on Wednesday. The restock time depends on the product’s demand. Some areas restock two times a week. For a better shopping experience, you should go Aldi store Thursday morning. 

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