What Time Does The Mailman Come In My Zip Code in 2023?

When we receive our mail on time, it is peaceful in our minds. When you didn’t get your mail on the expected delivery date, You started getting anxious and confused. Then you may think- what times does the mailman come, or when does my mail come in my area?  

However, In the age of technology, You can track your mail with the tracking code. It is important to know to find out what time your mail will arrive. In this post, we discussed everything about mail delivery time. 

What Time Does The Mailman Come? 

Generally, the post office starts delivering the package at 9 am as of 2023. You will receive your mail between 9 am to 5 pm. Sometimes it may take more time but a maximum of 6 pm. When your package is shipped, you will get a tracking number so that you can track your mail. They will provide an estimated time for delivery. Most time mailmen come on time.  

The delivery time depends on where you live and how much mail comes from the post office. Sometimes the mailman comes late for several reasons including bad weather, address identification, wrong delivery etc. If you don’t get your mail on the expected time, you can expect your package to be delivered the next day. 

Does Mailman Come on Sunday? 

Yes! The mailman comes on Sunday between 9 am to 5 pm. USPS has Sunday and Saturday delivery. All the mail come between 5 PM local time Monday through Saturday. Weekends may delay getting your mail for several reasons including weather and high demands around holidays.

Does Mail Still Get Moved On Sundays?

Yes! Mail is still moved on Sundays because USPS has a Sunday delivery service. On weekdays does not deliver first-class mail. To get first-class mail, you have to wait till Monday.   

The Factors Of Late Mail Delivery: 

There are several reasons to deliver mail late which are divided into factors outside and within the office. Let’s know the reasons.  

The Weather

 Bad weather like nasty snow or ice, major wind storms, or heavy downpours. Those time mailman doesn’t deliver mail on time. In this case, It takes one or two days to deliver mail. If your mail doesn’t come during the bad weather, you have to understand that it happened during bad weather. 

However,  Post office mailmen’s delivered the mail on rainy days. In a critical situation, they don’t completely deliver all the mail or package. In the local area, It is a low possibility to get mail on time during bad weather. 

Power Outages

 Power Outages are one of the reasons to don’t deliver your mail or package. When power is lost area of your post office, They will not be able to accept debit or credit card payments.  When the power outage is lifted, they will deliver your mail on time. 

Pandemic Illness

 When a certain area spread illness, the Post office might stop their mail carriers. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, All the mail service was stopped for some days. 

Delayed Airplanes

 During the climate issues such as heavy rain, lightning, or heavy winds, Mailman is unable to deliver your mail or package. Because the situation stops an aeroplane from flying or lacks maintenance. In this case, you have to wait to receive your mail. 

Long Distance Between Sender and Receiver:

 If you live long distances from the post office, It may take more time to deliver your mail or package. 

What day Mails Doesn’t Deliver? 

Some days the mailman doesn’t deliver mail including national holidays, Sundays, and Christmas Day.  Although Sundays though certain mail is delivered, national holidays may not.  

The post office doesn’t deliver on these days:  

  • Every Sunday of the Year
  • Christmas Day (25th of every December)
  • Thanksgiving Day of 4th Thursday of November. 
  • 1st of Every January (New Year)
  • Memorial Day ( 4th Mondy of May)
  • Veterans day (11th of each November)
  • President’s day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Labour day
  • Independence day
  • Columbus day
  • Federal holiday days

How Long Does Mailman Take To Deliver? 

When the mailman receives mail to deliver, he takes an average of 3 hours to deliver the mail. The delivery depends on several factors including mail types, distance, and days. 

However, you can track the mailman using a mail tracking number. To do this, you can use the USPS website or a third-party website. 

Typically, It takes 1-5 business days to process from the post office. After processing, It takes low time to arrive at your home. 


Typically, Mailman delivers mail between 9 PM – 5 PM. If you have any issues, they take one day more. As it is possible to track mail, so you can track the mail and check the current status of your mail or package. 

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