What is the vision statement? Correct Definition.


A mission statement is an inspirational statement to achieve the bright future of a company or group. The vision statement describes the basic human emotion that improves people’s experience by the organization. Employees easily understand the meaning and purpose of the business by the vision statement. The vision statement also describes who, what, and why the business. A vision statement publishes a long-term result of the company’s efforts. For example, Microsoft vision statement was ” A computer on every person and in every home.

A vision statement describes the company highest levels, achieve in the long term goal, achieve able organization. A vision statement is written by the company CEO. A company CEO takes a decision about the vision and selects the company employee’s inspiration item.

General Philosophy:

Generally, A vision statement works in the direction of a company. it directs future goals, what the group believes, how to behave, how to achieve, and what kinds of decisions take that are described. A vision statement is a statement that inspires people to achieve future goals.

The statement means to imagine  a world that does not yet exist and inspire people to make it a reality in future. Any individual, organization, company, etc are connected to the vision statement. A vision statement never mentions products and services that one wants to provide becout the company vision isn’t limited . If a vision statement would have been limited, A company’s production would have been limited. A specific time company would have stopped that is impossible.

A company vision statement must be infinite terms and is not changeable. Take once, decide and lock it. If the vision changes for events like market conditions, upcoming technology, or social media trends the company risks for its creation in future. If the vision changes at a time, it will have a bad effect financially, operationally, technologically and all of these that a company doesn’t hope for. A vision statement-making decisions based on near term results only.

A vision statement is not a roadmap, strategy, product or service-execution plan but it guides a company all of these. A vision statement not the same with the mission statement. A mission statement is a public document that explains what is the company goal, how to achieve it, what is a company’s future plan. After a certain time, a company can change the statement but a vision statement can’t change easily.

A Good vision statement traits:

There  are a few main points and common rules  that a good mission statement will follow:

  • It should be short: A vision statement should be one or two sentences that are easily memorable. A detailed vision statement is pretty good but it would be easy and short so that everyone understands and memorises.
  • It should be unique: Every company follows different strategies and their vision statement should be unique. A vision statement works for a company direction so it should be unique.
  • It should be Describe able: For specific business, person or company need to be specific describe a unique outcome that only a company or person provided.
  • It should Keep Simple: A vision statement should be simple so that people and both insider organizations understand. Shouldn’t use technical jargon, no metaphors.
  • It should not use the hard word: A vision statement should not use words that are open to interpretation. For example, a vision statement will ” maximize shareholder return” doesn’t mean anything unless it specifies what it actually looks like.
  • It should be aligned: A vision statement needs to align with the company values that people want to exhibit as they perform their work. I discuss details about the company values in this article, anybody follow this article and write a vision statement for his company.
  • Concise: A vision would be so that it could be easily remembered and repeated.
  • Clear: A prime goal and achievement
  • Time horizon: Defines a time and realizes it.
  • Future-oriented: Describe where the company is going in the world or country.

How to write a perfect vision statement?

We show hundreds of articles that give examples of the bad and good vision statement. Some articles give a high-level overview that helps you when creating your own vision. But when I recharge, I show this process is very hard to create a good vision statement. I shared some steps that might work for you too. There is plenty of great vision statement process below. I think It helps you to write a good vision statement for a company.

Purpose of the vision statement:

Vision statements can fulfil the functions of a company.

A vision statement works as a foundation for a broader strategic plan.

Motivate employees to achieve the company’s goals and attract like-minded individuals.

Focuses on the strategic plan, opportunities, efforts and facilitates creation.

A mission statement helps companies differentiate from competitors.

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