What Is The Mission Statement? Correct Definition


A mission statement is a short public document of why an organization exists, what it’s the goal, what kind of product or service provides, what is the primary customer or market, identifying the operation to achieve the goal and geographical region of operation. The mission statement also includes a short statement of a business’s main competitive advantages and a desired future state.

A mission statement isn’t a simple description or document of an organization by an external third party. The mission statement made or written by leaders of their desires and intent for the organisations. The purpose of a mission statement is to communicate with employees, customers, and organisations. For employees, identity creates a sense of a mission. The mission statement doesn’t change over time because of its ongoing purpose and focus.  


Chirs Bart told that a mission statement consists of three essential components.

Main Market: target the audience 

Contribution: The best product or service. 

Distinction: Makes the product more unique than other competitors and to focus on why the audience should buy it over another.

Purpose of mission statement:

The purpose of a mission statement is to serve as a company’s goal, some generic example and outlines clearly what the goal is. The main purpose is to provide the best service and experience for the customers as much as possible. The mission statement doesn’t only for the company and their employees but the mission statement creates for customers and other people. The mission statement also for who is a part of the business and such as shareholders. A mission statement depends on the company states. 

Mission statement and vision statement are not the same document. As discussed earlier, that mission statement focuses on achieving their goal and getting across the ambitions of an organisation. It is not important to go into detail for the mission statement which is evident in examples given. The mission statement and vision statement are used for different purposes. A vision statement is related to strategic future planning and company future goal.

The advantage of a mission statement:

Provides a clear direction: Mission statements help to make better decisions for business and its a way to direct a business to the right path. A mission statement also helps to struggle when it comes to making a decision and planning for the future. For this reason, a mission statement is the most advantageous point to make a future plan.

Clear Purpose: A clear purpose can get from the mission statement that surrounds the existence of a business. It also helps to make choices and progress more towards achieving their goals. A mission statement removes any doubt of the stakeholders who are interested in the progression of the business.   

A mission statement works as a motivational tool to achieve a goal. For the mission statement employees work towards that benefits both the organisation and themselves. It improves employee productivity and employees feel a sense of purpose.

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