Walmart TV Return Policy 2022[You Need To Know!]

Every house has a television. For this, television is one of the biggest purchases items Currently. Any types of TV are available at Walmart. If you want to buy a TV from Walmart or already purchased but didn’t like it, you may be wondering- how to return the TV at Walmart,  what is the Walmart TV return policy? 

Here we shared a full guide on how do you return television at Walmart and what is the terms and conditions are. Keep on reading! 

Walmart TV Return Policy 2022

Walmart tasks returns on all LED, OLED, QLED, and LCD TVs within 30-days of purchase date. For returns, the TV has to be in good condition with all accessories (remote, legs, remote), and a receipt. If you don’t have the original box, no problem you can return abut Walmart recommended to bring any original packaging. 

If want to learn more about Walmart TV return policy such as Can you return a TV  to Walmart past the 30-day window, can I return a TV to Walmart without the Box, can I return refurbished TVs to Walmart? keep on reading! 

Here we discovered most of the common questions about Walmart TV return that people wanted to know. 

Can I Return A TV To Walmart Past The 30 Day Window?

If you want to return a TV to Walmart (including brands such as Pansonic, Samsung, Sharp, Hisense, LG, etc.), you should plan to return within 30 days. When you will give return the TV within 30 days, you can easily exchange or get a refund. 

If you are not able to make your return to Walmart before this and they can not accept to return, you can choose to accept a TV return past 30 days. 

If a Walmart store refuses your return past 30 days, you can talk to Walmart store managers or you can visit another Walmart store. You can take help from the store manager to return. 

If you feel like you are eligible for a return but the store manager can’t help you, you can complain to Walmart corporate headquarters. You can also make a formal complaint about the store. 

In this stage, The store managers may be more inclined to accept your TV. You can do everything with politeness and respect even can request.

Can I Return A TV To Walmart Without The Box?

Yes, You can return a TV to Walmart without the original box within 30 days after the purchase date. When taking television for returns, you have to take the receipt and original packaging is recommended. 

However, Your TV must be a good condition without any damage, marks. If your TV will be in good condition, you will get a full refund or exchange. You have to provide other accessories such as remote, legs, and remote.  

If you want to learn more about items to Walmart with an opened box or no box at all, Keep on reading the full guide. 

Can I Return Refurbished TVs To Walmart?

Yes, you can return refurbished TVs within 30 days after the purchase date. Because Walmart treats TV like any other brand new product. You can exchange or get a refund by providing a purchase receipt.  

Note that If you purchased a TV from the website that is sold third-party, you will have to take up your returns request with the individual vendor. 

Can I Return A TV To Walmart Without A Receipt?

You can return a TV to Walmart without a receipt as long as it is eligible to return. As it’s out of the rules, it depends on the store manager’s own discretion. 

When bringing in the TV for return, try to bring a bank statement, original packaging, and government-issued ID that hep you to get a refund or exchange. 

Can I Return A Damaged TV To Walmart?

You can return a damaged TV to Walmart if the damage happened by Walmart staff such as due to poor workmanship, bad handling, etc. In this case, if you show clearly, Walmart will receive your return and you can exchange or get a full refund. 

If the damage by customer misuse or mishandling, Walmart can not receive your return.

Can You Return An Opened TV To Walmart?

Yes! You can return an opened TV to Walmart as long as the TV is eligible to return. But a close item is a perfect condition for return. When you bring to return, you should aim to have all original packaging so that the times can be resold. 

If your  TV is opened but in good condition, the box does not matter. If your TV is opened and clearly damaged in some way, you can not return it. 

Can You Return A TV To Walmart After 90 days? 

No! You can not return a TV to Walmart after purchase 90. Walmart allows returns items within 30 after the purchase date. When the date will be expired, Your TV will be eligible to return. 


According to Walmart’s return policy, customers can return any type of TV within 30 days after the purchase date as long as good condition. If any items are damaged due to Walmart processing, Walmart will receive customers’ return items.

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