Walmart point system & Late Policy 2023 [Everything Here]

Walmart is one of the largest retail corporations and it has over 1.6 million employees in the United States. The corporation has a point system and late policy for those employees who are late arrival or absent. 

Walmart applies this policy to ensure the smooth running of operations. 

So, If you are a new employee or you want to apply to Walmart, you should know all the Walmart policies such as the Walmart point system, Walmart late policy.  We discovered everything here that you need. To learn more, keep reading below. 

Walmart point system 2023 

The Walmart point system is a process that aims to minimize tardiness or unexpected absences. It is a part of Walmart’s attendance policy. 

This point system is implemented in 2019. If an employee does not show up on time, he will get one point. Employees can receive from five to nine-point.

One important this that when an employee will receive five-point, he has to face termination. 

It is also implemented when an employee leaves shifts early. Employees may be received half a point for leaving shifts early.  When an employee is absent during the holiday period, he will receive 1 to 3 points.

How many points do you need to be fired at Walmart 2023?

Walmart fired for five points during a six-month period. When an employee arrives late, he will receive one point. when an employee leaves shifts early. Employees may be received half a point for leaving shifts early.

You can take time for illness. For this, it doesn’t cunt point. Walmart has PTO ( Paid time off), In this system, you can take time off without accruing any points against it. 

How do I check my points at Walmart?

Go to your Walmart profile and click GTA. When you will click the GTA, you will see your attendance and you also see your point. Check the six-month report that is important. If you can not check your points by using this method, you can follow the second method. 

The second method is contact with Walmart employee care. You can call (800-492-5678) at any time to find your absence or point report. As soon as possible they will give you the information. 

How long does it take for points to fall off at Walmart 2022?

An employee receives a point receives within a six-month rolling attendance period. Suppose you receive 3 points around six-month, after two or three months later it will fall off. If you are absent again or arrive late, a new point will be added. 

Previously we discussed that what can give you how many points. Such as one point for each call-off, half point for leaving shifts early. Leaving shifts early is dependent on how many hours before leaving shifts. For leaving shifts early, you may receive half-point to 3 points.

One important thing is that when you receive 5 points, you have to face a critical situation or you face being fired. Amazon point system is strict than the Walmart point system.

Do you get a point for calling in sick at Walmart?

You can not get a point at Walmart for calling in sick. You can call 1-800-775-5944 for sickness or injury. You have to call the Walmart associates to avoid waring points. 

When you call Walmart associates, you have to provide your WIN number, date of birth, and store number.

Walmart Late Policy In 2023

Walmart’s late policy is a part of points systems. When a Walmart employee is late at their shift from 15 minutes to 2 hours, he will receive a half-point (Point is not positive. it is negative). If an employee is late over 6 hours, he will receive one point for this. 

If anyone total receives 5 points, he has to face termination. When an employee leaves shifts early, he will receive a half-point to three points depending on hours.  

If you want to know about Walmart’s late policy, how the Walmart point system operates and What effect this? keep reading below. We discover almost common questions about Walmart’s late policy that are people wanted to know.

How many minutes late can you be at Walmart?

You can late maximum of ten minutes. When you are late over ten minutes, you will receive a half-point. So you should arrive At the right time.

 If anyone is late over 2 hours, he will get one point just like missing a full day.   

How many absences are allowed at Walmart?

Walmart is allowed 9 days absences every six-month. If you feel sick, Then another matter. You can call the Walmart associates to avoid waring points. Walmart takes protection who have no choice but to miss work. Call this number 1-800-775-5944.

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