Mission Statement of Walmart 2021 | Vision & values analysis


Walmart inc is an American multinational retail company that was founded in 1962.  It is a big retail corporation that operates discount department stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets. The company also operates Sam’s Club retail warehouses. As a big company, it has 11,496 stores in 27 countries under 56 different names. Walmart company operates under 56 different names that are Walmart in the United States, Walmart in Canada, Walmart Mexico. Walmart is the largest company in the world by revenue and it has the largest private employees.

Company: Warlmart
Founded: in 1962
Founder: Sam Walton
Industry: Retail
Products: Electronics, Jewelry, Toys, Move & Music, Health & Beauty, Craft, Party Supplies, etc.
Services: Walmart MoneyCard, Financial Service.
Revenue: US$523.964 billion(the final year 2020)
Website: walmart.com

The mission statement for Walmart :

Walmart’s corporate mission statement is  “to save people money so that they can live better”. The mission shows how to implement critical strategies that can bring a big change to anything. There are three elements that related the mission statement: 

  1. People live Develop
  2. Financial Problem-Solving
  3. Future Expectations

Firstly, Walmart wants to implement to satisfy its needs that are the most valuable and primary objectives of the company. Walmart provides the best service for its clients and the steps it considers to offer them the best shopping experience. The company also wants attractive prices for the client that save people money. 

The Walmart company focuses on seeing the customer gain shopping freedom by increasing its customer capacity. The mission statement enables a critical strategy that customers enjoy more shopping experience. The mission statement also seeing how to go the extra mile by providing its clients with varied options. The company is an extraordinary player in the retail market. 

Walmart’s Vision Statement:

Walmart’s Inc. Vision statement is“Be the goal for customers to save money, no matter how they want to shop their needs.” The vision statement officially articulated in 2017 with an investment community meeting. Walmart follows strategic changes that implement in response to changes in the competitive landscape. Overall, the vision statement condition of the retail industry.

In the past, the vision statement was to become the top player in the industry. At present, Walmart includes the same goal, but something little changes that emphasis on business flexibility in accommodation customers. For Example, one part of the vision statement is ” no matter how they want to shop” which means the vision statement indicates the company’s strategic objective of achieving leadership in traditional brick-and-mortar transactions and retail transactions.