Target Starting Pay and Raising Minimum Wage 2023

Target raised its minimum wage to  $15, up from $13 in 2022.Target company promising  In 2017 that They would reach a $15 minimum hourly wage. After three years, the company raised the hourly wage. The raise minimum wage from $13 to $15 was a part of a multi-year effort. 

Target CEO Brian Cornell said in a statement that Our team members have a great role to play in moving our company forward. Target Members play a central role in our strategy and build communities with our guests. 

So if you are want to apply for a job or you have already applied, you should know how much does target pays for which types of jobs, How much do beginners make at Target, Target starting pay 2022. To learn more, keep reading below! We discovered most of the common questions that are people wanted to know. We answered all the questions here.

Target Starting Pay 2023

In 2022, Target starting paying $15 per hour. As Target is the world’s largest retailer corporation, it has over 368,000 employees worldwide.

Over 368,000 employees work in different sectors with different salaries.

Beginning July, The rules are implemented and start paying $15 per hour. Target company announced that they will give a one-time recognition bonus of $200 during the pandemic. 

End of the year, the company also announced Free access to virtual doctors. Extensions of a 30-day paid leave for vulnerable team members, as well as family backup.

How much do beginners make at Target?

Beginners make $15  per hour at Target. Target raising wage $15 per hour and it is the minimum wage. The minimum wage was $11 per hour in 2017, Then it raised $13 per hour in 2019. 

Finally, in 2022, Target announced that they start to pay $15 for beginners because it is a minimum wage for Target employees

Is Target going to raise its pay?

Target already raised wage $15 from $13  and the next raising depends on next year. As Target raises the wage between one or two years, in 2022 it would be increased. 

If you see the previous years such as in 2017, Target minimum wage was $11 per house and in 2019, Target minimum wage was $13.

What position at Target pays the most?

The Target highest paying for Manager Director job. The managing Director’s annual salary is $187,000 at Target. 

Does Target get paid weekly?

Target doesn’t pay weekly but Target pays biweekly. Target weekly paid depends on where you are working, paid week or non-paid week?. If you work on a weekly basis, Targe will pay every two weeks. 

Who Pays More Walmart or Target?

Walmart and Target’s pay per hour is Almost equal. Walmart pays $15 per hour and Target pays $15 per hour. But it can be changed by employees positions at Target and Walmart. Below we shared Target employees’ salaries by job title. If you want to know Walmart salary by Job title, check here. 

What is Target Starting Pay?

Target starting pay is $15 when an employee joins target, Target pays a minimum wage of $15 that is Target starting pay. Target Starting pay is a minimum wage. 

End of the year, Target raised the minimum wage by $15 from $13. 

Target Warehouse Starting Pay? 

Warehouse starting pay depends on what position you are working in. Target minimum wage is the same all over the place.

 If you are joined a warehouse worker, you will get $15 starting pay. If you are joined a manager or other positions, You will get a salary according to your position scale. You can see the blowing table where we shared Target salary by Job title. 

How Much Does Target Pay an Hour 2023?

Target pays $15 to $25 per hour depending on job title or category. Target has over 368,000 employees and works in different sectors. Target pays an employee as his position. Below we shared Target employee’s salaries with job titles, How much pay for what position. 

Job TitleRange Average
Cashier$10 – $15$12
Sales Associate$10 – $15$12
Retail Sales Associate$11 – $16$12
Sales Team Leader, Retail$14 – $23$18
Visual Merchandiser$13 – $21$17
Team Leader, General$13 – $25$18
Stocker$10 – $16$13
Asset Protection Specialist$12 – $21$16
Customer Service Team Leader$12 – $22$16
Warehouse Worker$13 – $23$17
Barista$11 – $16$13
Human Resources (HR) Assistant$10 – $17$13
Beauty Consultant$10 – $17$13
Guest Service Associate$10 – $16$13
Retail Merchandiser$11 – $18$14
Customer Service Representative (CSR)$9 – $17$12
Retail Cashier$9 – $15$12
Guest Service Team Leader$13 – $20$16
Overnight Stocker$10 – $19$13
Store Team Leader$13 – $26$18
Asset Protection Manager$10 – $23$17
Retail Store Assistant Manager$12 – $24$17
Member Service Representative$10 – $18$13
Sales Consultant$10 – $20$13
Logistics Specialist$10 – $20$14
Sr. Administrative Assistant$18 – $35$25
Shipper/Receiver$13 – $22$17
Operations Team Leader$13 – $27$18
Merchandise Presentation Specialist$10 – $18$13
Target Pay an Hour

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