Schwinn Koen Boys Bike review 2021

Hey guys it’s Tiffany and today we’re going to show you the Schwinn Cohen bicycle. I want to thank Schwinn for sending us the Schwinn cone bicycle for our review my son Martel is six years old. this little over four feet so Lee chose the 18-inch Schwinn cone in blue with adjustable training. Wheels now what makes this bike so amazing is the new Smart Start technology this bicycle is built for children.

So there are two variations there’s the cone that’s really for boys. Every boyish kind of color but girls can ride it too and there is the Schwinn Elm. Which also has a Smart Start technology and also in more vibrant colors very very girly but they can interchange between both variations of colors. I’m sure my son will appreciate the elf just as much because it comes with the basket so the Smart.

Start technology is something that focuses on key points for leverage
gearing the weight of the grips for your child. The sustainability of the seat and the pedaling makes cycling for your child more comfortable. The bike will give them more confidence Plus Smart Start bike scroll with your child with adjustable handlebars adjustable seat. While they’re learning to ride their bike you can adjust the training wheels
Smart Start bikes have pedals that mimic tricycles pedals so the distance.

Grow With Your Child:

Apart from them is actually closer to conform to a child’s hips allowing more comfort and a familiar feeling riding the grips are smaller for our child’s. Hands as well and the seat is smaller
and it’s made for our child so there’s leg discomfort while they’re sitting down which is something that my son did not like this is why he never wanted to ride a bicycle. the minute he jumped on this bike he was like riding around our apartment so he was so excited we need
to get some nice weather. Here in New York for us to go out and play now this bike the cone is available in a variety of colors and a variety of sizes now based on the price this one is just $150 on Amazon, you get a free Amazon Prime shipping and you still get that amazing Schwinn lifetime warranty the 20 inches.

The bike does not come with training wheels, it comes with training wheels all the way up to 18 inches now there’s also a variety of price for each Boone was so easy to build my husband had built at just under 40 minutes. I unboxed everything for him now if they’re not familiar with adjusting bike brakes. It may take you some extra time my husband knows how to adjust fight breaks and things like that so it was really easy for him but if you are looking for some information on how to do that Schwinn has really really helpful.

Helpful tips on how to build this actual bike and how to adjust the bright breaks stay tuned for more content of my son enjoying the bicycle outside and great.Wide-open and as we take his first win
for a spin thank you so much to Schwinn again this was such a great opportunity. I am so blessed and so happy to have actually reviewed something that I have had and I was a kid and giving my son the opportunity to have enjoyed the same meant so much to me so thank you so much.

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