Package Delayed In Transit Amazon In 2022 (Full Guide)

Amazon Shipping and delivery is soo Perfect. But sometimes the package delivery may be delayed for several reasons. 

If you are frustrated with a package delayed in transit Amazon, You may be wondering – what can I do about this, can I get a refund, can I track my package? keep on reading! 

Here we shared a complete guide that helps you better understand the  Amazon package delay reasons. And you can resolve transit issues by following this guide. 

Why Does Package Delayed In Transit Amazon In 2022?

There are several reasons to delays the Amazon package including incorrect addresses, bad weather, Covide 19, or mechanical issues during transport. If you want to get a refund, Amazon will refund you after 24 hours for their error. The refund policy does not meet items sold by third-party sellers. When your package will be delivered, you can easily track the movement of orders by using the Amazon mobile app or website. 

If you want to learn more about the Amazon delivery guarantee, Amazon shipping time, Amazon delivery process, package tracking process, keep on reading! 

Here we discovered most of the common questions that are related to Amazon package delays. And we answered them that help a customer to better understand about his topic. 

What Is the Amazon Package Delivery Guarantee?

Amazon delivery guarantee is a policy. When a shopper can not get this package on the delivery date, Amazon will refund any shipping frees. 

When a shopper places an order on Amazon, he gets a window to receive the order. He can also see the delivery date. 

How Long Does Amazon Take To Ship? 

Typically, Amazon takes 2 -7 business days to ship packages as of 2022. Amazon has three shipping services including Standard Shipping, Tow-Day Shipping, and One-day Shipping. 

Standard Shipping takes 4-5 business days, Tow-Day Shipping takes 2 days and One-Day shipping takes a day (Business day does not include holiday days and weekends) 

Note: The shipping time for the USA. Some of the areas may delivery is available on Saturday and Sunday.

What Are Causes for Packages Delays in Transit of Amazon? 

There are many reasons for delays in the transit of Amazon packages. One of the reasons is an incorrect address. Although this delay doesn’t often happen. 

We know that Amazon sends packages to the correct address 99% of the time. But sometimes this happens this issue. 

If shoppers provide incurred addresses, it may be delayed. The delay in transit happens automatically, So Amazon must be returned. 

There are some reasons a package may be delayed during this transport including: 

  • Traffic delays
  • Bad weather
  • wrong address 
  • High-volume shipments 
  • Illegible writing 
  • Mechanica issue with the delivery van 
  • Packages damaged or lost
  • International orders issue

How To Track Amazon Package Using Amazon’s Website?   

You can simply track your package by using Amazon’s website or mobile app.

  • Go to your order page 
  • Click on ” your Ordres”
  • Then will display if the location of a package ( Odred, Shipped, Out for Delivery or Delivered)
  • When Amazon ships your package, they will give you an estimated delivery date.

When your package will be delivered, you can the movement of the delivery van via a google map. 

How To Contact Amazon If a Package Delay In Transit? 

When Amazon ships your package, you will see an estimated delivery date. If you do not get your package on time,  allow 48 hours after the promised delivery date to pass. 

During this time, you should check your payment method and address that are correct or not. If you see everything is ok, you can contact Amazon customers service. 

You can contact with Amazon website chat or you can call direct 1-866-216-1072. 

Before contacting Amazon customer service, You should prepare your email address, order number, and daytime phone number.   

Can I get a Refund For my Amazon Package Delays in Transit? 

Yes! You can get a refund if your package is delayed in transit. In this case, you should allow it after 48 hours of the delivery date.  

This policy is covered if your package is sold by Amazon. If your package is sold by Marketplace sellers or third-party sellers, you may not get a refund. 

Note: If you provide an incorrect address, this is your own responsibility. 

When Does Amazon Stop Delivering? 

Amazon stops delivery after 10:00 p.m. local time. Amazon deliveries package between 6 a.m. to 10 pm. 

Typically amazon delivers groceries and daily necessary items between 6 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday – Saturday. In some cases, your package may be delivered later up to 10 p.m.

If there is a large backlog of deliveries, it takes more time to deliver. The drop-off parcels deliver from 8 a.m to as late as 8 p.m. 

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Conclusion: Amazon Delivery Delays

Amazon Packages Delays in transit may occur for various reasons, including wrong addresses, lost packages, bad weather, or Traffic delays. 

As Amazon has an order tracking system on its website, customers can track orders movement easily. So when customers face this problem, they can contract with the Amazon customers service team. 

If your package is delayed in transit, Amazon must refund you according to their return and refund policy. 

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