How to select youth bike size for kids

I’m here with my daughter Fiona we’re gonna go through a little bit of sizing. Kids bikes for you just give you some tips on how to go about it. Ideally, you know we’d love to have you enter the store and meet your child to help them figure out the perfect bike for them. If for whatever reason you can’t come into the store or maybe you’re trying to surprise your child or see at home. If their bike still fits them these are some tips that can kind of help you out with that so sizing for kids bikes. First off starts it’s done by tire size generally we’ve got a twelve fourteen sixteen then. 

We go to 24 and now we’ve even got junior bikes in 26-inch wheel size but there’s also, of course, adult frame sizes that start off in 26, and then going beyond that there’s a myriad of wheel sizes. We’re not going to get into that right now so if you take your child’s bike and you look on the side of the wheel. You’ll usually find a wheel size on it something like 16 by 1 or 24 by 2 something like that. 

So it’s that the first number that you’re looking for the 24 stands for a 24 inch round wheel but the most important thing that we’re gonna look at on a kid’s bike isn’t so much either your child’s height or their age we’re gonna look at what’s called standover height. Basically

your child’s inseam height and that’s the most important factor when you’re trying to determine a bike size for your child.

You could take two kids the same height and one’s gonna have longer legs and a higher in seen than the other one might have a longer reach. So you know those are important factors and obviously, you

can take a bunch of 10 year-olds and they’re all gonna be different heights and sizes so using age is a bit of a guideline and you’ll notice that the chart that we have on our website includes height. The most important factor is going to be inseam height.

I’m gonna use Fiona here and we’re gonna show you how we size up a bike okay so for sizing your kid’s bike we’ve got here this is an awesome little kid’s bike. Nor-co storm 4.1 24-inch wheel size

see on our chart it recommends for my daughter’s 10 and for 10 years old. It recommends either a 24 or a 26 so this is where this height comes into play through the length of the inseam. So what we’re doing is first I’ll get you to swing your leg over the bike there Fiona.

What you want to do is you want to get your child to swing their leg over the bike and stand over top of the bar. They’re not standing over top of them, they’re not sitting on the seat and they’re not standing over the top of the seat. What we’re looking for is that their feet are flat on the ground on level ground and that they still have space at the crotch between the crossbar and their crotch. So that they can basically be safe on their feet safely on the ground another great way to test this out is if you lift the bike.

Up until the crossbar just contacts the crutch you should have about an inch and a half of space underneath that tire in an ideal world now of course I know lots of people like to get as much life as they can out of their bikes. Kids are growing Lots.

 All sorts of things so you can stretch that a bit but you definitely do not want to be making contact with the crossbar or definitely not like having your child. They’re tipsy toes because their crotch is touching the crossbar like this. Their feet are upon their tipsy-toes. That’s really not a good situation you’re better off than they’re gonna enjoy their experience on the bike. 

You get a bike that’s too big and you know they’re really going to struggle on. It and not as much fun. We want them to have a positive experience so the way. You can check this out without the bike and that’s what we’re kind of taking a little bit about today. I just want to swing off there Fiona so what you can do is you can measure your child’s. Inseam that’s what we’re talking about for the stand over height. So I’m just going to put this bike off to the side so an inseam length is measured just from the ground up to their crotch.

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