How To Get Points On Shein In 2022 ( Secret Tips & trikes)

Shein is a Chainice large online cloth marketplace that are offer attractive dresses for its buyers. Currently, it is most popular for girls and women’s styles of clothes. 

Shein provides great offers, coupons, and Bonus Points program so that customers can reduce their costs. When customers purchase some items from Shein, they earn some points by checkout. Best tips – how to get points on Shein easily.

Customers can earn points from Shein for free. There are several ways to earn more Shein points. So If you want to earn a point for free, keep on reading!  

How To Get Points On Shein In 2022?

There are several ways to get points on Shein for free as of 2022. Here we shared 7 tips to get more points. Follow below the tips and tricks to earn unlimited points. 

  1. Create an account at
  2. To purchse Items
  3. Write a Quality review 
  4. Daily check-in
  5. Participate in free trials
  6. Tune in to SHEIN Live
  7. Download the SHEIN mobile app

You can earn significant points for every step. Here we shared a details guide for every step. 

How To Get Ponts To Create an Account At Shein? 

Most retailers or clothes shops offer sales and deals when buyers create an account on their website. They offer a huge number of discounts for their new account creators. Shein is no exception. 

When you will created an account at Shein, you will get a 10%-15% off coupon. You also receive 100 points with a 4-month validity period when you confirm your registration. 

However, You can also get other exclusive offers as a newbie. They will email their latest sales and special events.  

How to complete the registration? it is a simple process to register. Go to the registration page and enter the basic information. After filling in the basic information, click the  REGISTER button.

Then you will receive an email from Shein to confirm your account.

How To Get Points To Purchse Items From Shein? 

When a customer purchse an item from Shein, he will receive a point. For example, If you spent $10 on your purchse, you will receive 10 points

So you will earn 1 point for every one dollar. You can save your money at 1 percent. Although it is not a huge amount, it helps to increase your point. 

When you check out for your purchase, your point will be added to your account automatically. 

How To Earn Points To Write A Review At Shein? 

When you purchase an item from Shein, you can post comments and reviews on the platforms. If your review meets certain requirements, you will receive multiple points at a time. How to get points on Shein quickly by a review?

Write a review within 100 to 500 words about your purchase items. You have to write at least 20 words and a maximum limit of 1,000 words. 

Additionally, if Your review meets certain requirements and is recognized as a great review, you will get an extra 50 points. 

To write a review, just go to your purchase products page. You can see a button to write a review. Post your review and submit it at Shein. Then your point will be added automatically depending on your review. Learn more about – How Long Does Shein Take to Ship?

How to Get Points On Shein  to Daily Check-in (App)

When you install the Shein app, you will get a section to earn points which is the “check-in” option. After installing the app, open your app and log in with your email address and password. Then tap on the Check-In option. 

When you will check regularly, you will earn points in the long run. Browse the items that are shown on your screen. Note that you have to check regularly. 

If you forget to check in on one particular day, Then the next day will begin as the first-day point. For this, you can set a reminder so that you don’t forget. 

How To Get Points On Shein by App

Download the Shein app to get points

When you download the Shein mobile app, you will get points for downloading. If someone downloads this app with your reference, you will also get points for this.

You also get a 15% discount for any purchases without any minimum purchase required.

100 Shien points = $1, So if you earn 1000 points, you will buy a dress by using this point.

To download the Shein app, Go to the Google Play Store and search “Shein”. Then install the app and sign-up with your Gmail address.

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