How Much Do Walmart Spark Delivery Drivers Make In 2023?

Are you looking for a job as a delivery driver? If yes, you’re already aware of the many possibilities. Between Uber Foods and Uber Eats to GrubHub the gig economy provides a myriad of choices to pick from.

One of the possibilities is to become a Walmart Spark driver. If you’re here that means you’re thinking about Spark as a viable option for your next food or grocery delivery services.

You may be wanted to know about the benefits of being a Spark driver. We shared details about  Walmart Spark delivery driver pay and job information. 

Learn from our guide all that you should know prior to making an application for Spark’s delivery position.

How Much Do Walmart Spark Drivers Make In 2023? 

Typically, A Walmart Spark derive makes an average of $19.68 per hour as of 2023. The amount you earn will be contingent on various factors, such as the amount and type of deliveries you make. In some cases, Spark can offer great wages, with many drivers treating it as the equivalent of a full-time job instead of an employment opportunity.

If you want to learn more about Walmart Spark delivery and more job information, keep on reading! 

Typically, A spark driver makes $19.68 per hour. This is the average for the nation determined using a simple tool made by Indeed.

These are rough estimates, however. In actuality, it’s hard to determine what you can make as a Walmart Spark driver. There are a variety of variables that play into the equation in this regard, such as:

  • the amount of time you work,
  • the nature of your order,
  • Potentially useful tips
  • Other elements, e.g., distance traveled, delays at pickup, size of the order additional factors, e.g., distance traveled, delays encountered at a pick-up point.

However, it is difficult to calculate the exact amount because it is nearly impossible. It is generally accepted that you should anticipate earning between $15 to 30 cents per delivery.

The delivery location you choose to use can play a crucial role in the amount you earn. For example, driving into an area with a lot of Walmart stores can lead to a greater demand for Walmart Delivery drivers.

As more deliveries you complete the more money, you could make.

However driving in a big city comes with its own issues, such as higher parking fees, traffic, and more competition

What is Walmart Spark?

Walmart Spark is a delivery application that allows customers to purchase food and groceries from Walmart stores. It is a third-party delivery platform that offers delivery services to Walmart. 

Note: Walmart doesn’t have won Spark, Walmart Spark is a third-party delivery platform. 

Spark is a distinct entity. It’s a delivery company such as Uber Eats or DoorDash which employs individuals as freelance contractors. Drivers can choose their routes and the batches that they deliver groceries, food as well as other items to Spark App customers.

Also, as the Spark driver, you will not be solely responsible for Walmart deliveries, but for all other orders too. Let’s look at the relationship between Walmart and Spark here.

As a Walmart Driver for Spark, you’ll be in charge of transporting products delivered from Walmart stores to the doorsteps of customers. The procedure here is straightforward:

The customer makes an order through the Walmart app.

The Spark Driver app then assigns the driver closest to the location to deliver the order.

If the driver is able to accept the delivery then their task is to pick it up from the shop and then take it to the customer.

In some cases, Walmart driver delivery is ordered to shop for themselves. In the majority of cases, however, the driver is required to travel to an area designated for loading and collect the complete order.

What can you get? Anything from groceries and food to general goods like electronics, cleaning products, and so on.

The Process To Start Delivering At Walmart Spark

The first thing you should do when registering for Spark Driver is to sign up for the Spark Driver program to determine if it’s available in your area. To find out, go over to their “Join Spark Driver” page and browse through the list of cities and states.

Scroll down until you find your location and select the area. After that select, the area, and click to begin the registration process.

There is also the possibility that Walmart might not require new drivers within their area’s Spark Driver community. In this scenario, you may choose to hold off until the new slot for drivers is opened or search for a different location near you that has an open driver slot.

Walmart Spark Driver Requirements

While the specific requirements could vary based on the state generally, in order to be a Spark driver, you’ll have to meet the following requirements:

  1. must be at the age of 18
  2. Have a reliable car,
  3. Have a valid driver’s license,
  4. You must have proof of your car insurance.

Of course, you’ll require a smartphone in order to access the Spark app.

Application Process As A Delivery Driver  

If you meet the requirements listed above and Spark Driver delivery services are available in your area, then you can complete the registration form that pops up after signing up.

When you’ve submitted your application, you’ll get an email notification from Delivery Drivers, Inc (DDI). You’ll then be required to sign into their platform to fill out additional documents.

After you have completed everything, DDI will start your background investigation. The process typically takes between two and seven days for processing, however, it may take longer depending on where you live.

When DDI has completed your background check, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that contains details on how to complete the sign-up procedure. The last step is to register your car and download the app and wait for the first delivery date.

How To Use the Walmart Spark Driver App? 

First, Install, and open the Spark Driver app on your phone. Now turn on the “Spark Now” feature to show that you’re ready and available to take delivery requests.

When you have received your delivery notification, the system will supply you with all the required information, such as:

  1. The minimum guaranteed payout
  2. Store location,
  3. The delivery and pickup timeframes,
  4. Type of order.   

Based on these facts, You can decide to accept or deny the offer.

If you are able to accept the offer then you must drive to the appropriate Walmart location and then follow the steps to take it home. In most cases, you’ll take it to the Walmart parking lot, however, there are times when you will be required to enter the store or complete the purchase yourself.

After you have picked up the order, you have to deliver it in accordance with the directions in the purchase.

Differin types of Orders for Delivery

There are three kinds of delivery while traveling to Walmart Spark. these include:

  • Round Robin Orders. Round-robin requests are made directly to a specific driver according to the driver’s location, availability, and a variety of other factors. When you will receive a round-robin order, you’ll have a couple of minutes to consider accepting the request.
  • First Come First-Serve Offers. This offer is made available at the request of all drivers in the particular delivery zone. The first driver who accepts the offer is given the right to deliver it.
  • Surge Orders. When the need for drivers is very high, however, the supply is limited You may see deals labeled as “Surge Pricing.” These are a way to increase earnings in exchange for incentives for drivers that are willing to take them on.

In terms of the specific orders, they divide into four categories include:  

  • Curbside Orders. In this scenario, the Spark drivers must arrive at the designated parking spot. Then you have to wait for a Walmart associate to load the order.  
  • Dotcom Orders. These are delivery orders for non-grocery items like electronics, cleaning products, and home accessories. Drivers must take them to the store.
  • Express Delivery. An express delivery option permits Walmart customers to get their grocery deliveries within two hours. Drivers have to collect these items inside the store.
  • Delivery and Shopping Orders. As the name implies, in order to deliver an order, you’ll need to visit the shop and pick up your order piece by piece. Then, you pay with the QR code within the app and then deliver it in the normal way.

Metrics of Driver Performance

In terms of the order process, how you finish them is a major factor in the work you do. Spark utilizes four indicators to gauge the performance of its drivers: acceptance rate, on-time arrival, drop rate, and the customer’s rating.

  • Acceptance Rate. It is the percentage of offers accepted by you. For example, if the offers were for 50, and decided to accept 40 of them, the acceptance percentage would reach around 80 percent.
  • On-time Arrival. The measure measures the frequency with which you show up at the store within 15 mins of the pickup time.
  • Drop Rate. It determines the number of orders you have canceled less than 30 mins prior to the time of pickup.
  • Customers Rating. Customers are able to evaluate the driver using a five-grade scale which is 1 for the lowest, and five is the most.

They are based on the most recent 50 orders that were completed. Drivers with the highest performances are given priority to orders It’s a good idea to keep them all under control.

Take Tips to Earn extra: 

You can take tips. Furthermore, if you decide to become a delivery driver for Spark the tips can play a significant contribution to your overall income.

The most important thing is that you get to keep 100% of the tips you earn.

Customers can add tips when they place an order or follow the delivery. Sometimes, you may even expect an extra cash tip.

Note: Customers have 24 hours to change their tip. It could result in tip-baiting. This is when a client provides a lucrative tip prior to delivery for the completion of an order, to entice the driver but then reduces it once the delivery has been completed.

What is the maximum amount I can earn as a Spark driver?

The average pay per hour for Spark drivers across the US is $19.68. What you can earn will be contingent on many factors, including how many and the kinds of deliveries you make. In certain cases, Spark can offer great wages and many drivers treat it as an actual job, rather than working for a job. You may also know about Walmart Employee Dress.

Does Spark have an affiliate program?

Yes, it is. It actually offers drivers a great opportunity to earn some extra dollars. The act of referring a friend will earn you up to 300-200 dollars. If they are an employee of Walmart and they are a new driver, they could expect to be paid an additional amount of up to $150 once they have delivered their first 4 orders.

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