How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship Your Order? Shipping & Delivery Time.

Etsy is an American e-commerce company that sells all the necessary items. Every million customers purchse from They provide the best service like the fastest shipping, delivery, and easy payment method. 

If you want to purchase items including jewelry, bags, clothing, home decor, and furniture, you may be wondering – how long does Etsy take to ship? keep on reading! 

Here we explain in detail about Etsy shipping time, delivery time, order taking time, and order tracking process. 

How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship In 2022? 

Typically, Etsy takes 3-7 business days to ship your order as of 2022. For international shipping, it takes more than 10 business days to deliver. The international shipping time depends on the shipping methods and where you live. When your items will be shipped, you will get an email from Etsy with the tracking number.  

However, Etsy is available handmade items and it has over 8 million sellers. So when you place an order at, it takes 4-8 hours to receive the order. 

After receiving the order, it prepares your items and completes the verification process. After completing the verification process, they will ship your items as soon as possible. 

Etsy has the fastest shipping service like UPS, FedEx, or USPS. It has also a Next-Day-Shipping service.

You should know some factors to get your items faster. For example, If you purchase an item that the seller needs to process, in this case, the seller takes a long time to process the items for delivery.

Etsy Shipping time: 

Etsy shipping time depends on the seller’s processing time and carrier transit time.

 Etsy does not control the shipping and delivery time completely, it is also controlled by the seller and the carrier they utilize.

Let’s try to understand the facet of shipping time: 


When you will place an order at Etsy, you will get an estimated shipping date that is often given to consumers. So that customers take an idea of when their items will be shipped. 


The processing time depends on which items you purchase. If you order homemade items, it may take more time than readymade items. 

There is no need for special customization, in this case, it takes an average processing time of 2-3 days. 


The second component is the carrier transit time. The carrier transit time is a shipping company to deliver your items from the seller to your home. 

Typically, it takes 2-3 business days to deliver. For international shipments, it takes more than 10 business days to deliver their destination. 

Where Does Etsy Ship From? 

Many customers wanted to know – where does Etsy ship from? At first, you have to understand Etsy products. 

Etsy all the items are run by individual store owners, therefore your orders are shipped from wherever these sellers happen to be.

The store owners will be shipping from their own businesses or homes. It may ship from all over the world and is sent by Etsy. 

How To Track Etsy order? 

It is a simple process to track Etsy orders by using the tracking number. Where are you get the tracking number? 

You will receive a mail from Etsy with a tracking number and estimated date. 

You can also find your tracking number on the order page. Go to the order page and click the detail, you can see a tracking number. 

Copy the tracking number and input the tracking search bar. You can use the FedEx tracking search bar or a third-party website to track your order. 

How Long Does Etsy International Shipping Take? 

Etsy International shipping takes 10-15 business days to deliver your package. For international shipping, They complete the three processes including product collection, product authentication, and shipping. 

Product Collection: First, Etsy receives an order from customers and sends an email to the seller. Seller prepares your items and sends them to the Etsy warehouse. To produce collection it takes 2-3 days. 

Authentication: When Etsy receives the items from the seller, it completes the authentication process. Through the authentication process, it checks the condition of the item and its quality. It takes 1-2 days to complete the verification process. 

Shipping: After completing the Authentication process, Etsy ships your items as soon as possible.  Your orders will arrive within 3-5 days date of shipping. You will receive an email from Etsy with the estimated delivery time and tracking number. 

How Long Do Etsy Orders Take? 

We know that Etsy has millions of sellers. Most of the items are collected from the seller. Etsy takes 2 to 4 hours to receive an order from customers. 

Then collect the items from the seller and deliver them to your home within 4 days. Etsy has faster shipping services like the Next-Day-Shipping service. 

If you choose the Next-Day-Shipping service, your package will arrive within 2 business days. 

Note: If you order an item that is neet to customize, in this case, the seller may take extra time to customize the item.  

How Long Does Etsy Take To Deliver To the US? 

Etsy uses the fastest shipping service including FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Etsy takes 2-4 days to deliver your package in the US. 

Sometimes it may take more time to deliver for several issues including bad weather, wrong address, and more. 

However, FedEx and UPS always try to deliver items as soon as possible. As Etsy uses the fastest shipping service, it may be soo expensive. You can compare other marketplace shipping times like Shein shipping time, and Stockx delivery time.


Etsy uses FedEx and UPS shipping services to deliver an item to a customer’s home. It takes 2-4 business days to deliver in the US. Etsy takes more than days to deliver for international delivery. If want to get your package fastly, you can choose the fast shipping service. But the shipping service also depends on which products you are ordering. As most items are handmade items on Etsy, therefore it may take extra time to customize.

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