How Far Does DoorDash Delivery In 2022? (Miles, Times, & More!)

Do you love food? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t? DoorDash is a food delivery service that will bring the food you love right to your door. 

But how far does DoorDash delivery? That’s what I am going to find out in this post!. 

So, whether you’re wondering if DoorDash will deliver to your neighborhood or just curious about how far their delivery radius stretches, read on for all the details!

So, let’s begin.

How Far Does DoorDash Delivery In 2022?

Usually, DoorDash delivers food within five miles radius. And the maximum delivery radius is 30 miles. However, DoorDash will deliver food to longer distances with extra delivery fees. DoorDash delivery radius depends on the type of area and its partnership with the restaurant. As far as the big city is concerned, the delivery radius is short. On the other hand, small cities have a longer delivery radius. DoorDash’s most deliveries happen within four miles radius.

Here I will also answer; does DoorDash take a long time, why is my DoorDash taking so long, what time does DoorDash start delivering, etc. 

How Long Does DoorDash Take To Deliver?

DoorDash is the fastest food delivery service in the USA. Usually, it takes 15 minutes to 45 minutes to deliver an order. The average delivery time of DoorDash is 30 minutes to 42 minutes. Delivery time depends on distance, traffic, weather, etc. 

You can always track your order status using your order number from your smartphone. Sometimes DoorDash may take more time than usual to deliver orders if it doesn’t have enough DoorDasher.        

Does DoorDash Take A Long Time?

No, DoorDash doesn’t take a too long time to deliver its order. Its average delivery time is between 30 minutes to 42 minutes. However, sometimes it may take a longer time. DoorDash delivery delays reasons include; When restaurants take a longer time to ready your orders, unavailable DoorDasher, bad weather conditions, traffic jams, long-distance, etc.   

Most of the time, DoorDash delivers on time. It rarely missed its delivery time.  

Why Is My DoorDash Taking So Long?

Undoubtedly, DoorDash is the fastest food delivery platform in the USA. It takes less time compared to other food delivery platforms. DoorDash’s average delivery time is 30 to 42 minutes. However, sometimes it may take a longer time to deliver your order. 

When DoorDash takes a long time to deliver your order, it means something is wrong. The reasons behind DoorDash taking so long could be; long-distance, no DoorDasher is available to take your order, restaurant taking longer time to prepare your order, DoorDasher caught in the traffic jam, bad weather conditions, the payout is not profitable, etc.       

What Time Does DoorDash Start Delivering?

There is no exact time when DoorDash starts delivering. Usually, DoorDash starts delivering at 6 am. However, it depends on restaurants. If restaurants open late, then the delivery starting time changes. So, DoorDash starts delivering when restaurants are ready to take orders. 

DoorDash delivery starting times also differ from city to city. Restaurants in some cities remain open 24 hours. In that case, there is no starting time for that city. Moreover, restaurants don’t open before 8 am in some cities; therefore, the delivery starting time in this city will be at 8 am.      

Can I Pick Up My Own DoorDash Order? 

Yes! You can pick up your DoorDash order if you wish to. If you find that no Dasher is available to pick up your order or the restaurant is close to your house, or Dasher is not picking up your order, you can pick up your order yourself.

If you want to pick up your order, choose self-pickup. If you already ordered from DoorDash and Dasher is unavailable, you can cancel the delivery option and change it to self-pickup. In this case, DoorDash will refund the delivery fee.

It is always better to know your order preparation time to reach the restaurant at the right time. Therefore, you can avoid getting cold food.      

Does DoorDash Pick Up Multiple Orders? 

Yes! DoorDash allows drivers to pick up multiple orders. It is a feature that Dasher loves, and consumers hate. Multiple order picks up feature help Dasher to earn more money. On the other hand, customers get cold food when drivers pick up multiple orders because Dasher can’t deliver all orders at the right time. If the second-order takes 15 minutes more than the first order, then the second-order will be cold. 

Multiple orders pick up works great for grocery products. Moreover, if orders are very close to each other, multiple orders pick up works great. However, consumers hate this option as they want to get the driver’s full attention for their order.       

What Happens If No One Accepts My DoorDash Order? 

If no one accepts your DoorDash order, DoorDash will send your order until someone accepts it. If still, DoorDash can’t find a dasher to pick up your order, your order will be canceled. If the food was not prepared, you would get a full refund. Moreover, if the food is prepared, you will get a refund of the delivery charge.

When no one accepts your DoorDash order, you can go and pick it up by yourself or increase the tip amount to attract Dasher. Sometimes Dasher doesn’t pick up the order due to less profit. It has become a common practice of Dasher.    

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Conclusion: What Time Does DoorDash Deliver? 

DoorDash delivers to a wide area, but there are some areas that they don’t deliver to. You can enter your zip code on the DoorDash website or app to see if they deliver in your area. If DoorDash doesn’t deliver in your area, you may want to try a different food delivery service. 

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