Mission Statement of Facebook, Vision & Core Values Analysis


Facebook inc is an American online social media company that was founded in 2004. Facebook is the most popular social media today, and its user is 2.26 billion. Facebook works as financial services, e-commerce, retail, gaming, entertainment, media, telecom, technology, consumer goods, and automotive businesses.

Everyone can use Facebook with personal computers, tablets, and smartphones, but under 18, they can’t use Facebook. People can register with their email or phone number. After registering, they can create a profile to publish information about themselves. In this platform, users can share text posts, photos, videos, and multimedia which they can share with other friends. Users also can use the platform as a marketplace, product buys and sell, page, Group. Nowadays maximum digital businesses use Facebook.

Facebook redesign interface on selected networks in 2008. It uses Mini-Feed for users. It separated into tabbed sections, and an effort was made to create a cleaner look. 

Company Name Facebook inc.
Industries served: Internet
Geographic areas: Worldwide
Headquarters: U.S.
Current CEO: Mark Zuckerberg
Revenue: $5.08 billion (2012)
Profit: $53 million (2012)
Employees: 4,619 (2012)

Mission Statement of Facebook:

The Facebook  mission statement is “to connect people  globally and give people the power to share and be more open.” The mission statement focuses on connecting people globally to communicate with other country people or their own friends. It also uses the business purpose.

Facebook has had to readjusts and redefine its mission in the past due to changing social networking systems and it also readjust social networking business. Facebook focuses on three major components:

  1. People life improvement:
  2. Make the world more connected:
  3. Sharing idea:  

The mission statement signifies the company’s goal to make a social networking service. The company wants to make users more capable online by providing an online social networking service.  The mission statement also shows that this capability is in the form of community building. For example, People want to share information with members of communities, and they use the social network to facilitate communication. These communities would be neighbourhoods and foundations. In connection with the company vision, the mission statement also indicates the company has the goal of connecting the world. Users can communicate through the social media website and mobile apps. In relation, the Facebook company enables businesses to connect with their customers and business. 

Vision Statement of Facebook:

“Facebook uses people to connect with other people, to know what happens in the world, share their experiences.”

The vision statement shows that it is not only used for only communication, business, and a basic online social media site but it shows how happening, what is your idea, how to going on the world. The company also helps to knowledge acquisition and valuable communication among individual users or people. Facebook’s vision statement follows four key-component:

  1. Global market scope
  2. Global Communication
  3. Idea discover 
  4. Freedom Self-Expression


Facebook Core values:

Mark Zuckerberg spoke 5 core values for employee and company success at Facebook. There are 5 core values in the below:

  1. Focus on impact: If we want to have the best impact, the best way to solve the most important problems.
  2. Move fast: If we never break anything, probably we don’t moving fast. 
  3. Be bold: We always recommend taking bold decisions, if it’s wrong sometime.  
  4. Be open: We believe that the open world is a better world because people can take better decisions with more information. 
  5. Build social value: Everyone should focus every day on how to build real value for the world.

Facebook Headquarter: