Does Target Take Apple Pay in 2022? (Complete Guide)

Target is one of the most popular retail corporations in the United States and it has over 1900 stores across the US. Typically Target sells electronics products, groceries, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and garden supplies. 

Target takes a variety of payment methods for customers’ convenience. Customers can use a variety of payment methods in Target stores and Online. 

However, now Apple Pay is of the easy and convenient payment methods for Apple device users. 

 So if you are an Apple user and you want to pay with Apple pay at Target, You may be wondering -does Target take accept Apple pay? Here we discovered everything about Target payment according to our research! 

Does Target Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Yes! Target takes Apply Pay as a payment method in their stores and online. If you purchase an item at Target, You can pay with Apple Pay. Target also takes other payment methods such as Credit Card, Debit Card, American Express, Visa Card, etc alongside Apple Pay. Shoppers can use PayPal at 

If you want to learn more about Target payment methods such as how do you pay with Apple Pay at Target, how do you pay with your Apple device, how do I use Apple Pay at self-checkout, Does Target have payment plans?+ more, keep on reading! 

Here we discovered most of the common questions about Target payment methods that shoppers wanted to know. 

How Do You Use Apple Pay At Target?

If you want to check out at Target using Apple Pay, you have to set up Apple Pay on your Apple devices such as iPhone or Watch. If you would not know how to set up Apple Pay on an Apple device, you can read the below sections. 

If you already have set up, you read the second section. 

How To Setup Apple Pay On Your Apple Device? 

To set up Apple Pay on iPhone or Watch are the same process. First,  Go to the  ‘Settings’ section and select ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’.

  • Then select the ” Add Card ” Option and press” Continue”
  • Select the payment type that you want to use. 
  • Then add your debit card or credit card details by holding your iPhone over. 
  • Holding your credit card until it successfully read your card numbers. 
  • Or you can enter your card number and details manually. 
  • Now, press Apple’s terms and conditions to complete the verification steps. 
  • When your verification will be complete, you are able to pay. 

How To Pay Using My iPhone ( Apple Pay) At Target? 

To check-out using an iPhone with Apple Pay at Target, follow the below steps: 

  • Double-click on your iPhone’s right side button and unlock with a passcode, Face ID, or enter your finger. 
  • Then hold your iPhone over the contactless point of sale reader. 
  • Keep holding your phone until you hear a ping sound. 
  • Then you can see a green checkmark on the payment reader. 

How To Pay Using My Watch ( Apple Pay) At Target? 

To check out with a watch, double-click the side button and enter your passcode. 

Then hold your Watch over the contactless reader for around one minute. 

 Keep holding your Watch until you hear a ping sound. 

Then you can see a green checkmark on the payment reader. 

Can You Use Apple Pay Online At Target.Com?

Yes! you can use Apple Pay at If you use the Target mobile app, you can continue your Apple Pay and pay. 

You can also use debit, and credit cards, gift cards, PayPal, and Target credit cards at Most retail corporations accept those payment methods.

What Types Of Payment Does Target Take?

Most of the common payment methods are accepting Target stores and online. Below you can see the payment method that is accepted by Target. 

  • Debit cards, 
  • including Mastercard,
  • Visa, 
  • American Express,
  •  and Discover
  • Credit cards, 
  • Cash
  • PayPal, but only online
  • Apply Pay
  • Google Pay 
  • Samsung Pay

Can I Pay With PayPal At Target?

Does Walmart Take PayPal

If you want to purchase any items from the Target website, you can pay with PayPal. Target website accepts PayPal but physical location can not support PayPal as a payment method. 

Alongside PayPal, you can use the other payment methods in Target online and in-store. 

Does Target Take Google Pay? 

Yes! Target takes Google Pay as a payment method. Target takes Google Pay online and in-store. The most retail corporation takes Google Pay. 

Which Stores Do Take Apple Pay? 

Most of the retail stores are accepting Apple Pay such as IKEA, Best Buy, Costco, etc. We shared the below list of corporations that accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

  • Kohl’s
  • JCPenney
  • Costco
  • IKEA
  • Best Buy
  • Ace Hardware
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid

Does Target Take Samsung Pay? 

Target accepts Samsung Pay alongside Apple Pay, Google Pay. As Target accepts any NFC payment method, you can pay at the Target store using Samsung Pay.


Does Target Take Checks? 

Typically, Target accepts personal checks and business checks as of 2022. When you purchase any items from Target store, you can pay with your personal checks. 

How long does Target take to process a check?

Target takes two business days to process. Sometimes it may take three or five business days. If you shop at Target and your bank account is located in the same state, it will take two business days. If your deposits are made that are located in a different state, It will take three to five business days or more. 

If you are interested to learn more about other retail corporations’ payment methods such as does Walmart takes Apple Pay, does Lowe’s takes Apply Pay, does Mcdonald’s takes Apple Pay, does Kroger takes Apple Pay? Keep on reading here.  

Conclusion: Does Target Take Apple Pay? 

Target has millions of shoppers in its broad reach and cuntless convenience services. For this, Target accepts Apple Pay.  Target also accept PayPal, Credit Card, Visa Card, and more.

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