Does Target Drug Test 2023? (Full Guide)

Target Corporation is one of the largest retail companies in the United State. It has over 350,000 employees all over the 50 states. As a leading retailer, Target wants to keep safe the staff and customers. 

Target has an extremely high reputation and they provide services to high numbers of customers, They operate a drug-free workplace. Target realizes that drug use can lead to possible health, safety, and security issues. For this alcohol, drugs or tobacco are not permitted at Target’s workplace. 

If you are working at Target or wanted to work, you should know that Target implements a drug-free workplace policy. We discover here, to learn, keep read in below! 

Does Target Drug Test In 2022?

in 2022, Target’s drug test policy is to keep a drug-free workplace for safe employees and customers. Every employee has mandatory drug testing and has to pass within 24 hours. To meet the job requirements, you must take a drug test and the test will be managed off-site by the company Accurate background.   

If you want to learn more about Target Drug tests, such as how to take drug tests, why take, how to complete the process? keep reading below! Here, we discover the most common question about Target drug taste that are people wanted to know.

When Do Target Drug Tests?

Target drug tests depend on many reasons but three main reasons, they will drug test employees. If you want to join the job, at first you have to pass the drug test. That means every new employee has to take a drug test and have to pass. When an employee transfers another pre-employment, the test can be taken. 

Typically, Drug tests don’t take for all Target employees. The testing takes for those who operate machinery or operate like that. Sometimes the test takers for those who apply to roles such as Managers or Team Leaders. If you want to join these sectors. you masu take a drug test and have to pass. 

The second reason for drug tests is Accidents. When an employee has been in an accident at Target, During this time may task a drug test for nextly safe. Target announced that they wanted to keep safe their employee by a drug test and ensure the incident will not be repeated. 

The third purpose of drug tests is reasonable cause. When suspecting an employee such as strange or erratic behavior, they drug test that employee. Although, there may have many reasons to take drug tests. One important thing, you have to keep in mind, You should not consume drugs during duty. 

What Type Of Drugs Do Target Test For?

Target Test for heroin, cocaine, marijuana and synthetic drugs. If you have used any of those drugs, Target must test. Target analysis that it is a risk to employees and customers. For this reason, Target doesn’t permit heroin, cocaine, marijuana, synthetic drugs and they implement a Drug test policy. 

Note: If you use any drugs for medical and recreational that are ever needed for you, you can discuss with Target managers. 

Does Target do pre-employment drug tests?

Target drug test pre-employment who work at Target machinery sectors. They have managed the drug screens by their vendor. You have to complete your drug testing at the nearest testing location or your future work location. 

For your Drug test, you have to photo ID to confirm your identity. It is a government policy. 

Do Target  Drug Test Every Employee?

Target implement a policy to keep a drug-free workplace. This policy includes special some employees and Suspicious employees. 

Target maintain their drug-free workplace, were involved with machinery. Employees may be drag tests for this behavior and other causes. 

One important this kee to on mind is that random drug test is comm for that operate machinery or vehicles. Asset protection or management may also be subjected to a drug test. 

On the other employee such as Usually, cashiers, retail staff, and seasonal workers do not have to take a drug test. When they will be a reasonable case to suspect, Target may take a drug test. 

Type of Drug Test at Target

Different types of drug tests Target conducts on employees. The tests are managed by a third-party company Accurate Background.

Typically, Drug tests Accurate Background Stays the Target store nearest. When they think, A employee needs to test for drugs, They can do this job easily. 

How to Process Target Drug Test? 

When an employee joins a Target store or applies to work, Target takes a drug test from a third-party company. That is nearest to the Target store. When you go to the interview, they ask you, are you interested in a drug test to join your workplace?

Especially, when you going to work with machinery or vehicles, They will take a drug test before joining. If you pass the drug test, you can join the workplace. One important this you have to keep in mind, they take a drug test within 24 hours when you get a job offer from Target.

 If you are agreeing to take the test, You have to arrange all the necessary documents and your photo ID to confirm your identity at the test center. 

What Happens If employees  Fail A Drug Test At Target?

When you work at a specific company, you should obey all the trams and conditions. As Target has a policy for a drug-free workplace, you should obey the policy. If you Disobey the policy, you may face suspension or job loss. 

So if you fail a drug test that means you disobey the policy. For the fail result, you have to face consequences such as suspension and job loss. by the manager. 

One important thing you have to keep in mind, Your drug test report can not share with other people. Because it is your personal information.Although, Target doesn’t permit sharing the reports. 

How Often Does Target Drug Test?

Typically Target takes a drug test when a new employee joined. Target also take a drug test when an accident happens or suspicion employees. Besides the above reason, usually, they don’t take a drug test. 

When Does Target Give You the Drug Test? 

When you join the at Target, Target gives you a drug test. Especially, when you join as a worker with machinery or vehicles. We previously discussed that there are main three reasons to take a drug test. 

Where Does the Target Drug Test at?

Target Trag test take a third-party company by Accurate Background. It is nearest the Target store, where you want to join or currently work. 

Target How to Schedule Drug Test?

Target does not announce the drug test schedule. But you can contact your near Target manager to know about this subject. 

Who Does Target Drug Test? 

Accurate Background company magnet the Target drug test. It is a third-party company.

Conclusion: Target Drug Test

Drug use is prohibited at Target. When an employee, who has been involved in accidents or suspects for drugs, Target may take drug tests. If you are involved with drugs, it has serious consequences for your employment. 

Target take drug test off-site from its stores. The test takes a third-party company by Accurate Background. If anyone of the employees takes the drug, Target can take an action because it is a right under of Target. As you are accepted the Target trams and conditions when you are joined at Target.

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