Does Home Depot Make Keys in 2022? ( A Complete Guide)

Home Depot is a home improvement corporation that sells home improvement accessories. If you lose your key (Home door, Car, Mailbox), you need a duplicate set of keys. 

So if you have the nearest Home Depot store, you may be wondering- does Home Depot make key copies? Here we explain everything about the Home Depot key service.   

Does Home Depot Make Keys In 2022?

Yes, Home Depot makes key copies by using its key-cutting machines. For making a key it takes around five minutes and you have to pay $1.49 per key. Typically, Home Depot makes home, office, and some car keys copy as long as the key shape is available in stock. 

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Here we discovered most of the common questions about these topics that people wanted to know. 

Does Home Depot Make Car Keys? 

This question can be difficult because Home Depot does not program chipped car keys or keys equipped with transponder or RFID chips.

If you do have an older-model metal car key, such as the Honda or Toyota, or a Nissan, and you can find that your nearby Home Depot still has some key blanks You should be in a position to duplicate basic keys for cars and trucks from Home Depot.

In general, you should locate dealers who specialize in car keys and have duplicates of any model older than 20-25 years.

Does Home Depot Make Key Copies? 

This Home Depot Minute Key Kiosk is an automated self-service system that is able to make copies of the keys you want to copy.

To begin, take your keychain and place it on the cradle of the machine. Follow the instructions on the touch screen of the machine.

The machine will analyze your keys and determine whether it has the right blank to create a copy for you. It will also determine whether your key is in good condition.

If the key is damaged or the machine doesn’t have the right blanks, it won’t be able to create a key and return the keys to you.

When the kiosk has completed duplicating your keys, it will return the old key, and then give you a brand new key that copies the previous key.

The cost of creating the key for the Minute Key Kiosk is handled by the Minute Key Kiosk itself, using a credit or debit card.

Furthermore, some Home Depot stores have a key-making machine controlled by a skilled Home Depot employee. The machines are cleaned regularly and calibrated to ensure that the cuts are precise.

Does Home Depot Copy House Or Office Keys?

Home Depot can cut nearly every kind and model of office and house key at the store. The only exception is when the key is marked with the wording “do not duplicate” on it.

Additionally, Home Depot carries many types of keys including MiLock,Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset that cover a majority of the locks used in offices and homes.

For brands that are difficult to locate and older locks locksmiths would have to be consulted about getting the keys that came with the lock and re-configuring them.

If your home is not listed on the list of historical homes, having this issue means that it could be a good idea to replace your locks.

How Much Time Does Home Depot Take To Make A Key? 

In general, it takes approximately five minutes to have the key copied from Home Depot, either by using the Minute Key Kiosk or the key cutting machine manual.

Based on the volume of traffic at which the shop is, it could take as long as 20 minutes, if there’s an influx of keys that need to be cut prior to you getting yours

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Key Made At Home Depot? 

You can make a key at Home Depot at a cheap price. Home Depot costs $1.49 for each key and 3 for $3.00. 

When you purchase keys and copy them from the department of hardware the price will depend on the price of the key-blank. If you buy the blank key from them the key-making process is a free service and you won’t be charged for it.

Also, blanks are simple brass keys for around $2.00 to $3.00 You can also buy keys featuring animals, sports team logos, designs, brands, or other logos, with costs ranging from $4.00 and up to $15.00.

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It is true that Home Depot makes keys for a range of locks. They can copy your keys from the Home Depot Minute Key Kiosk or in the department for hardware, in addition to numerous other services that are in connection with keys and locks.

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