Does CVS Take Apple Pay In 2022? (You Need To Know)

CVS Pharmacy is one of the largest retail corporations in America and it has 9,600 stores. It has over 100 million customers across the country. CVS takes a variety of payment methods for customers’ convenience. 

Apple Pay is one of the simple, convenient, and safe methods for Apple device users. Customers make purchases in-store, online, and through apps.

So if you are an Apple device user and you want to pay at CVS Pharmacy, you may be wondering- does CVS take Apple Pay? Here we find out everything about the CVS payment method with our research. 

Does CVS Take Apple Pay In 2022? 

Yes, CVS accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in-store. Customers can not use Apple Pay as a payment method in CVS online. CVS also accept major payment method like Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, and chat. Customers can use PayPal at CVS online. 

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Here we divorced most of the common payment methods about the CVS payment method that customers wanted to know!

How Can You Use Apple Pay At CVS?

Yes, You can use Apple Pay At CVS pharmacy as a payment method. To sue Apple pay at CVS, you first need to install Apple Pay on your iPhone or Watch. Then add your valid credit or debit card to your Apple Pay account. 

  • Then your Apple account will be ready to check out at CVS.
  • When you are ready to checkout, just choose Apple Pay as your payment method. 
  • To confirm authorization, you need to TouchID or PIN. 
  • After confirming your authorization, the transaction will be automatic. 

How Do I Pay My CVS App Online?

How Do I Pay My CVS App Online?

Does CVS online take Apple Pay? 

Unfortunately, CVS online does not take Apple Pay as a payment method. You can use Mastercards, Visa Cards, American Express, and Discover at CVS online. You can purchase at CVS by using those payment methods. You can also use PayPal at CVS online. 

Can I Use Apple Pay To Make Purchases With The CVS App? 

No, You can not use Apple Pay to make purchases with the CVS app. Because the CVS app does not include Apple Pay for checkout. CVS app included PayPal, Visa Checkout, gift cards, and other major credit cards.  

However, You can use Apple Pay at CVS by using a simple trick. Buy an eGift card through your Apple Pay and add the eGift card at CVS App. Then you can be eligible to purchase at CVS pharmacy. 

What payment methods does CVS accept?

CVS accepts most of the major payment methods include American Express MasterCard, Visa, and Discovery at the store and online. 

Customers can also use PayPay and Venmo QR codes as contactless payment methods.

Does CVS accept Google Pay alongside Apple Pay?

CVS pharmacy accepts Google pay as a payment method alongside Apple Pay. CVS also accepts Samsung Pay. CVS accepts contactless payment based on NFC.  Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are convenient payment methods for customers. 

Does CVS accept mobile wallets?

Yes, CVS accepts mobile wallets as a payment method at 8,200 different CVS Pharmacy locations. You can use PayPal and Venmo Wallets at CVS Pharmacy to purchase any items. If you use this payment method, you can easily checkout by scanning. 

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Conclusion: Does CVS accept Apple Pay? 

CVS has over 8,200 retail locations and all the locations take Apple Pay as a contactless payment method. However, CVS online does not accept Apple Pay but you can use the alternative way. You can use PayPal at CVS online pharmacy. CVS pharmacy also accepts Checks, Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Card, and more.

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