Does AutoZone Take Used Oil In 2022 (You Need To Know)

As a car owner, you have to change the used oil. For this, you have to find out a recycling center. When you give your used oil, it doesn’t harm the environment. There are several recycling centers to take used oil. 

If you have the nearest AutoZone store, you may be wondering – does AutoZone take used oil? keep on reading! 

Does AutoZone Take Used Oil In 2022?

Yes! AutoZone takes used oil from the car owner as of 2022. So when you want to change the old oil, you can collect the old oil in a container and take it to AutoZone. After collecting, AutoZone recycles the used oil for other purposes that protect the environment. All the AutoZone stores accept used oil and there is no charge for this. So you can deliver the old oil free.  

If you want to learn more about AutoZone – how to dispose of the used oil at Autozone, how much oil can I dispose of at a time, will AutoZone charge you to take used oil? keep on reading!

Here we discovered more related questions that help you to learn more. 

Can You Dispose Used Oil to AutoZone?

You can easily return the used oil at AutoZone. AutoZone has a recycling program. They collect used oil from car owners and recycle this used oil for other purposes. 

Every year Autozone recycled about 11-15 gallons of used oil. They also recycled the old car batteries about 200,00 tons. 

So you can return your used motor or car oil at your nearest AutoZone store. Find out your nearest Autozone store and return your old oil.

First, you have to check your state laws because some states don’t accept used oil.  It is prohibited to take used oil at auto parts stores. So you should contact your nearest AutoZone store and ask them about this. 

However, most areas don’t apply the laws. So it is easy to find a recycling program. Autozone has over 6,000 stores in the United States. 

Search in Google Map “AutoZone Store Near me”, and You can see all the nearest AutoZone stores.  Contact them to confirm that they accept used oil. 

Does Used Oil recycling free at AutoZone? 

Yes! AutoZone’s oil recycling is completely free. When you take your used oil to the AutoZone store, they will accept oil without any charge. 

So collect oil in a container from your car then find out your nearest AutoZone store and deliver it. 

When you collect the oil make sure the oil is not contaminated. If it is contaminated, you have to u-return your oil. A certain amount of oil you can return at a time. 

How Much Oil Does AutoZone Take at a Time?

AutoZone takes 5 gallons per day at a time. A  car owner can deliver 5 gallons at a time. The limit may differ depending on the States and federal governments’ set laws. 

Federal governments set laws for auto parts companies to take a limited old oil. 

So you should abide by these regulations when you are delivering old oil to AutoZone. As the limitation is variable base on State, you can contact your nearest AutoZone store before. 

What Does AutoZone Do With Used Oil?

AutoZone collects this old oil and recycles it into usable fuel for other products. Its fuel is used for the different fuel industries. 

When it is used as fuel that saves our environment. It also saves an industry fuel cost. 

According to the AutoZone recycling program, one quart of clean motor oil needs about 20 gallons of crude oil to produce. So the old oil is useable. 

Therefore, AutoZone can supply this oil to other industries or another oil processing plant. Every oil processing plant offers to car owners to give them old oil. 

They also buy the used oil from auto parts centers. As a part of the auto part centers, AutoZone  repurposes the oil in the following ways: 

  • Industrial Fuel
  • Selling
  • Motor Oil

Conclusion: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil

AutoZone takes used oil from car owners and recycles it for other purposes. So you can collect the used oil and take it to AutoZone to protect the environment. AutoZone collects the used oil from the car owner and used this oil as an industrial fuel. Sometimes AutoZone sells this oil to another oil recycling program. You can deliver your used oil without any charge. 

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