Does Aldi Pay Weekly, Biweekly, Or Monthly? (Update In 2023)

Aldi is one of the largest supermarkets and has over 10,000 stores in 20 countries. Thousands of employees work here in different sectors. Aldi employees get paid according to their position. 

If you want to jot at Aldi or you already get a job, You may be thinking – does Aldi pay weekly or biweekly? let’s find out!   

Does Aldi Pay Weekly or Bi-weekly in 2023?

Unfortunately, Aldi does not pay weekly. Aldi employees get paid bi-weekly as of 2023. Aldi employees work in different sectors, may some sector employees get paid weekly. Employees get paid 2 times a month on Friday. The week starts on Thursday and ends the next Thursday. Although, they pay the employee every next Friday. 

Aldi payment is the direct deposit in the employee account. There has an option of cheque or direct deposit. If you want to receive your payment by cheque, you can ask the account manager. 

The Aldi account manager helps you to get a cheque. But you do not pay by cash. like most companies, they pay direct deposit or cheque becasue it causes chaos as well as scams. 

When employees get paid from Aldi by direct deposit, the employee can access the patent easily from their account. 

Sometimes Aldi’s new employees have to wait for 3-4 weeks for their first payment. However, the payment depends on your joining day. 

As Aldi The week starts on Thursday, try to join this day. No problem, you will be paid for every day even every hour. 

Aldi pays for the overtime according to their overtime low.  It is one and a half times of salary (hourly salary). 

How Often Do Aldi’s Employees Get Paid?

Aldi employee gets paid 2 times a month. Warehouse employees and floor staff get paid bi-weekly. The new employee may get paid one time in a month for the first payment.

After the first payment, you will get your payment two times in a month. The payment is paid every Friday (bi-weekly).

If you want to learn more about Aldi payment, keep on reading the below-related questions. Learn about Aldi Employee Dress Code.

Does Aldi Pay Extra On Sunday? 

Unfortunately,  Aldi doesn’t pay extra on Sunday. According to Aldi, they pay the employees on Friday. You will receive your main salary and overtime salary on Friday. 

Aldi holds the first payment for a new employee. It may take 3 to 4 weeks to deposit on your account. Although, it is not a lot of time but is good for you and your company. 

Does Aldi Pay Monthly? 

No! Aldi doesn’t pay monthly as of their rules. There are several sectors to work at Aldi. Some sector may pay their employees monthly. 

If you want to get a monthly payment, you can contact your manager or Aldi account manager. Most companies pay their employee bi-weekly. 

Does Aldi Pay Minimum Wage? 

Yes! Aldi pays a minimum wage that is $10 – $19 per hour. Aldi’s average minimum wage is $13 per hour.  The minimum wage depends on the job title. 

For example, Retail Store Managers get paid $13 – $26 per hour, Retail Sales Associate $11 – $20 per hour, and Assistant Store Manager $15 – $27 per hour. 

Does Aldi Pay Penalty Rates Australia? 

Yes! Aldi pays penalty rates in Australia. You can check their payment process. If you live in the USA, you may be wondering – what is the penalty range in Aus? 

Penalty rates are higher pay rates for any company employee. If an employee works at weekends or on public holidays, you will get paid a penalty rage.

How Much Does Aldi Pay Per Hour?

Aldi pays its employees an average of $13 per hour. Aldi’s pay rates depend on the job title.  Aldi starting to pay a minimum of $10 per hour

For example, a Warehouse Associate gets paid $13 – $22 per hour, Assistant Manager gets paid $13 – $26 per hour, Retail Store Assistant Manager gets paid $13 – $24  per hour. 

There is a table of Aldi’s Salary:

Job Title Range
Sales Associate $10 – $19
Cashier$11 – $18
Retail Store Manager$13 – $26
Retail Sales Associate$11 – $20
Assistant Store Manager$15 – $27
Retail Shift Supervisor$13 – $22
Customer Service Associate$10 – $17
Assistant Manager$13 – $26
Retail Associate$11 – $19
Stocker$10 – $18
Warehouse Associate$13 – $22
Order Selector$13 – $24
Manager Trainee$13 – $31
Retail Store Assistant Manager$13 – $24
Customer Service Sales Associate$10 – $20
Retail Manager$12 – $25
Sales Clerk/Cashier$9 – $15
Administrative Assistant$13 – $27
Warehouse Worker$13 – $22
Human Resources (HR) Associate$18 – $29
Assistant Manager$13 – $26
Customer Service$13 – $26
Retail Store Assistant Manager$13 – $24
Aldi Employee Salary range

How Much Does Aldi Pay 16-year-olds? 

Aldi pays between $10 and $13 per hour for 16-year-old employees. As Aldi starting pay average is $13 per hour. You may expect to get $13 per hour as new employees. 

There are some requirements for the 16-year-old. You should follow all the requirements as a new employee. 

You can increase your salary with your experience. There is some opportunity that you can take to increase your salary.  

Who Does Get Highest Salary In Aldi? 

Aldi Manager Trainee gets the highest salary which is around $13 – $31 per hour. 

Does Aldi Pay for Training?

Aldi doesn’t pay for training because there is no training. You will get paid for 3 hours of orientation. During the orientation, they will discuss your work. lean more about McDonald’s Orientation.

For example, If you are joining as a store salesman, they will teach you how to manage the customers, How to communicate with customers and more. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Aldi in 2022?

To work at Aldi, you must be 18 years old. Most companies hired employees over 18 years old because it is country law. 

Aldi doesn’t hire employees under 18 years of age. But the law may be changed depending on the state. So you can check your state laws for work. 

When Aldi does circular, they mentioned the minimum age requirement and experience. 

However, If you want to prepare for an interview, you should know about Aldi company. 

Jobs at Aldi and Age Requirements

  • You have to maintain customer satisfaction and demonstrate appropriate interactions with co-workers.
  •  Help the customers Sincerely and maintain the good communication. 
  • Recommend the new product to carry. provide feedback to store management on all items. 
  • Support the store co-workers for a safe environment for employees and customers. 
  • Follo the cash policies and procedures to minimize losses. 

Can a 15-Year-Old Work at Aldi?

No. Aldi doesn’t hire 15-year-old employees. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old to work at Aldi. 

If you are a 15-year-old, you can see other company jobs like a restaurant, home tutor, etc. 

Doe Aldi Hired a 16-year-olds employee? 

Unfortunately, Aldi doesn’t hire a 16-year-olds worker. To do work at Aldi, you have to minimum age of 18 years old. Some companies hire 16-year-old employees

However, There is server work for 16 years old teens. Some state laws permit work for 16 years old teens. 

Conclusion: Does Aldi Warehouse Pay Weekly?

Aldi pays their employee biweekly. The payment will be deposited in your account. There is another option to pay which is a cheque. The week are start from Thursday to Thursday. New employees have to wait  3-4 weeks for the first payment. Aldi’s starting pay average is $13 per hour. Aldi employees get paid on Friday.

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