Amazon Shipped To Wrong Address (Complete Guide)

Amazon offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to delivery services, such as Prime delivery for two days, free shipping along other similar benefits. In the majority of cases, customers can depend on Amazon’s delivery service.

But, sometimes, customers have discovered that their packages have been sent to an incorrect recipient, and they aren’t sure which option to take. If you’re looking to find out more, read on to find out what I discovered!

Amazon Shipped To Wrong Address

If a package from a customer was not delivered to the correct address, they should notify Amazon customer service at their 1-800 number to notify them of the problem. If the problem resulted from a delivery company, Amazon will refund customers for any inconvenience. But, this could be different when the customer made a mistake and chose the wrong address for delivery when placing an order.

If you’d like to know more about the process for getting an exchange in the event that your package doesn’t arrive or hasn’t arrived, and who’s accountable for the delivery that was not correct, and so on, read this article to learn useful advice and tips!

Why Did Amazon Deliver the Wrong Address?

There are a number of primary reasons that could explain why you might have received an Amazon package delivered to an incorrect address.

One of the main causes is that the customer may have missed spelling their address. The courier delivered the package to an address that was a match.

Another reason could be that the customer recently relocated and did not update their address.

Delivery errors can be typically caused by the courier not understanding what was written on the Amazon package.

However, customers are encouraged to check their addresses on the page of their order prior to placing an order, to make sure that the address is correctly typed into.

How To Get Refund for Amazon delivery to Wrong Address?

If the customer hasn’t received their package, and it was sent to an incorrect address, they can ask for an exchange through Amazon.

Customers may request a refund through the following methods:

  1. Log into your Amazon account and then go towards the Your Orders page.
  2. Find the incorrectly delivered and click”Problem with your order” and then select the “Problem with your order” option.
  3. After you have selected “Problem with your order,” select “Request refund” and type your problem into the text box stating that the package was not delivered to the correct address.
  4. Enter “Submit” and check back frequently for updates regarding the refund request.

If the customer would like to talk about concerns about delivery with an actual human being, then they should contact Amazon’s customer support number in order to discuss the problem and request a refund.

The customer service representative might provide a replacement for items purchased with a new order, however, this can depend on the person that customers speak to.

Customers must be aware that Amazon will not provide refunds in the event of a delivery error caused by the user entering the wrong address information. However, this can vary.

Package Delivered To Wrong Address

The majority of Amazon delivery drivers don’t work for Amazon Therefore, they are not legally liable by Amazon for any packages that were not appropriately delivered.

However, delivery services that are associated with Amazon could be notified when an error in delivery was reported or a delivery error was reported, and the service might decide to hold the driver accountable if they’re aware of the person who shipped the product.

However, Amazon has stated that they do not accept any responsibility for the actions taken by the delivery services they collaborate with.

But, this can vary in Prime delivery, which is usually fulfilled by drivers hired by Amazon.

My Amazon Package Was Delivered To The Wrong Address

When customers purchase an item through an Amazon third-party vendor, that seller is solely responsible for any infraction or abuse committed against the buyer.

Thus, sellers aren’t typically held responsible for problems regarding handling or shipping.

If, however, customers believe the delivery problem was the fault of a third-party seller they can reach out to them directly with regards to the issue.

If the problem was the fault of sellers, then they can provide a replacement or refund.

Can You Change Shipping Address On Amazon After Order Is Placed? 

When you have placed an order with Amazon After placing an order, you can modify the shipping information at any time before the delivery of your purchase. Amazon will not permit you to change the shipping address after the order has been shipped. It is possible to update your shipping address via your Amazon account’s home page. When your order is shipped it will not allow you to modify your shipping address.

Visit your Amazon account’s homepage.

  • Input your Amazon email password and address, then hit”Sign In” or click the “Sign In” button.
  • Choose”View Open Orders” under the “View Open Orders” option under the “Order History” subsection.
  • Choose the order for which you wish to change the delivery address.
  • Select to click the “Edit” button located under the “Shipping Address” subsection.
  • Input the correct shipping information , then select”Save” “Save” button to update your shipping details.

What To Do If Amazon Delivers To Wrong Address

If an individual receives an Amazon package they didn’t purchase, they are recommended to inform Amazon about the error by contacting customer support.

Although the recipient will not be subject to any penalties in keeping their package Amazon could occasionally send an email stating that the package has been delivered incorrectly and a delivery driver could visit their home to inquire for information about the package.

So, the customer should correct the issue by notifying Amazon customer service about the delivery error, which is done by calling customer service or by using the instant messaging feature on

How Do I Return a Package to Amazon I Didn’t Order?

If customers received an item from Amazon in error and are not aware of the error, they can alert Amazon to the issue by calling Amazon Customer Service and providing their tracking numbers, the recipient’s name, and the address of the package.

If Amazon can locate the initial order, they’ll send a delivery driver to take the package to the address of the recipient and then deliver it to the right address.

If Amazon can’t resolve the problem the customer is allowed to just keep their package. If the number of the customer is included in the box, the customer might also try to contact them to make an exchange.

Customers are advised to first make contact with Amazon first but to protect their privacy. individuals who placed the order and only reached them directly when Amazon cannot rectify the issue.

How To Change Shipping Address on Amazon Order in 2022?

You can change the delivery address or payment method, and much more for orders that haven’t been entered into the shipping process. You can do this by visiting the Orders section of Your Account.

Important: You cannot change orders that have already been shipped. If you’re not able to modify the address for orders delivered through Amazon See Undeliverable Packages. Contact a third-party seller to change the shipping address for an item from the seller that hasn’t yet shipped. You’ll have to cancel the order and reorder.

To change your order information:

  • Go to Your Orders.
  • Click on the order Details hyperlink for your order you wish to modify.
  • To modify orders made by Amazon Select Change beside the information you’d like to alter (shipping address gift options, payment method etc. ).
  • Follow the screen-based instructions to alter the desired information.

Note: For more information about ways to cancel items or orders, refer to Cancel Items Or Orders. For items that you want to add to future AmazonFresh delivery, click Add to the Upcoming AmazonFresh Delivery.


If a package from a customer was delivered to an incorrect address, they can reach Amazon customer service at 1-877-586-3230. Amazon will try to retrieve the package, offer refunds, or provide an alternative package in the event that they are unable to find the original package.

If customers receive an item via Amazon that they didn’t purchase and they wish to notify Amazon Customer Service and give a tracking code, the name of the recipient, and address in the parcel. The recipient may be able to keep the package in the event of the problem not being resolved.

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